Steve Downs, CSCS

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Au­thor of “Gut Punch,” Page 88

While re­search­ing this ar­ti­cle on leaky gut syn­drome, Steve Downs found merit in an old adage. “The say­ing ‘you are what you eat’ is in­cred­i­bly ac­cu­rate, both in terms of the fuel you put into your body as well as how that food in­ter­acts with your sys­tem,” he says. “Im­mu­nity is based in the gut, so all health flows from there. In essence, eat well to be well!”

Downs fu­els his own body for performance, es­pe­cially when train­ing legs. “At one time, I could squat 630 pounds (in com­pe­ti­tion) and had a 720-pound dead­lift, but that would break my back now!” he says.

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