Cory Sorensen

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Photographer for “Rise Above,” Page 32, “Go With the Flow,” Page 66, and the Cover

Though Cory Sorensen has been shoot­ing fit­ness fea­tures for decades, even he still learns a thing or two on set. “This was the first time I had seen An­i­mal Flow,” he says. “It was com­pletely new to me and seems like a great way to im­ple­ment mo­bil­ity train­ing in an in­ter­est­ing way.”

When not on set, Sorensen spends his time canyoneer­ing. “I just went to Utah and spent five hours de­scend­ing into a su­per-nar­row slot canyon,” he says. “I’m not afraid of tight spa­ces, but this pushed my com­fort level to the ex­treme.”

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