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Pack­ers beat writer Tom Silverstein an­swered ques­tions from read­ers be­fore the game vs. the Bron­cos. Read the com­plete tran­script at www.json­­ers. Q: I be­lieve the Pack­ers have al­most $11,000,000 in space go­ing into next year. Does that money get tacked on to the roof of the salary cap once it is set for 2016? In other words will any space be wasted by not sign­ing any of their free agents this year? Do you think the Pack­ers will lock any of the po­ten­tial free agents up be­fore year’s end? Also, do you think wait­ing on ev­ery­one is a wise strat­egy? Mike Daniels es­pe­cially is wor­ri­some. $10 mil­lion doesn't look to bad to me, if that is in­deed is ball­park.

A: Any leftover cap space can be rolled over into the next sea­son. The Pack­ers rolled over $7 mil­lion from last year to this year. When in­cen­tives and such are paid, the Pack­ers won't have $11 mil­lion avail­able. It will prob­a­bly be closer to 8 or 9. I don't see them sign­ing any­one dur­ing the year. They used to be able to get a player to bite on a deal, but most are will­ing to roll the dice and hit free agency. The Pack­ers are deep enough that if they lose Mike Daniels or Casey Hay­ward they'll be OK. B.J. Raji is the tough one. They need him and if he con­tin­ues to play well, his num­ber will go up.

Q: Why is the press cov­er­age so dif­fi­cult for the Pack­ers to beat? Why not run more mo­tions, line guys up off the line of scrim­mage or do more two/three men sets with picks?

A: They do a lot of things you say. Re­mem­ber early in the year when Ran­dall Cobb was scor­ing those TDs on pick plays? Well, the cov­er­age has changed. Cobb is now be­ing dou­ble-teamed all the time. Pick routes don't work if there's a safety hang­ing around to help de­fend them. You've seen Cobb and Ty Mont­gomery work out of the back­field. You see Richard Rodgers lined up all over the field. The Pack­ers don't have lit­tle quick re­ceivers like New England does. They have mostly big guys (James Jones, Da­vante Adams, Mont­gomery, Jeff Ja­nis), so they have to play to their strengths. You can't ask them to do the same thing you ask Danny Amendola to do.

Q: I am won­der­ing what the Gan­nett takeover means for cov­er­age of Amer­ica's Team? I have fol­lowed your work as well as Bob McGinn's (and the de­parted Tyler Dunne) and I love the depth of your cov­er­age. I do read your com­peti­tors, but I think read­ing your cov­er­age is money well spent. Thanks and best wishes.

A: I ap­pre­ci­ate the kind words. I'm not afraid of an­swer­ing this ques­tion. Like with any change in own­er­ship, we have no idea what it will mean for our cov­er­age. I have my con­cerns as well. I hope that there won't be a lot of changes, but I don't see how you couldn't be­cause you have two pa­pers owned by the same com­pany cov­er­ing the same team. That's not ef­fi­cient, I'm sure, for the bean coun­ters. I'm hop­ing for the best, but won't be sur­prised by any­thing that hap­pens. Maybe you could write to Gan­nett and ex­press your thoughts. We work for our read­ers and so it's al­ways im­por­tant for us to know what you want.

Q: Do the play­ers re­al­ize as the game is be­ing played that ev­ery missed tackle, ev­ery missed block, ev­ery as­sign­ment that is not done cor­rectly will be re­viewed in the film room? Do th­ese plays ac­tu­ally get re­viewed by coaches and play­ers in their re­spec­tive ses­sions and how does that af­fect the player who has not done his "job"?

A: Ab­so­lutely, their ev­ery move is an­a­lyzed and ab­so­lutely they know it. Cor­rec­tions take place usu­ally on Mon­day. The play­ers watch the film and some coaches can be down­right bru­tal when it comes to grad­ing the film. It de­pends on the coach. But if some­one played a wrong tech­nique, made a men­tal er­ror, missed a tackle, missed a block, read a hole wrong, it's go­ing to be pointed out in the po­si­tion meet­ings.

Q: What your take on the Letroy Guion is­sue? The Vik­ings knew who he was and let him go. And their record is con­sid­er­ably worse than the Pack­ers. Ted Thomp­son knew what he was get­ting and I would have ex­pected his rope to be very short. I was also dis­ap­pointed with the “garbage” quote. TT and Mike McCarthy are on a slip­pery slope here. And there is never an ex­cuse for bad be­hav­ior. Your thoughts?

A: I agree with most of what you say. I want to know why did they look the other way with him. Is it be­cause he's a DL and they're tough to find? It sure seems that way. McCarthy's 'garbage' com­ment was ex­actly the wrong mes­sage to send. Many fans have noted that it ap­pears he's pooh-poohing bad be­hav­ior and the Pack­ers' ac­tions would seem to re­in­force it. If they didn't know of Guion's past, shouldn't they ac­knowl­edge it and say what they're do­ing to pre­vent it hap­pen­ing again. They did that with Koren Robin­son and Johnny Jolly. They had an­other bad off-the-field ar­rest with An­drew Quar­less and they took him back. I was sure they were go­ing to cut him im­me­di­ately. He al­legedly fired a gun in pub­lic. Are they mak­ing ex­cep­tions be­cause they're so close to the Su­per Bowl? McCarthy's quick dis­missal of Michael's ex­cel­lent ques­tion (see Page 17) would sure seem to in­di­cate so.

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