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an­swered ques­tions from read­ers last Fri­day, a day af­ter the Pack­ers’ win over the Bears. Read the com­plete tran­script at json­­ers.

Q: Ed­die Lacy played the Dal­las game on a bad an­kle with no real RB backup and wound up on IR, isn’t that on Man­age­ment?

A: It might be, but that de­pends on the med­i­cal re­port, and I have no idea what the med­i­cal re­port said. If Lacy was 75 or 80% healthy, then we’ve seen plenty of foot­ball play­ers take the field at less than that. If he was down around 50% or less, then yes, you could ar­gue the front of­fice should have pro­tected him bet­ter. Ei­ther way, it was a risk only hav­ing Lacy on the ros­ter for that game. But we can’t “blame” any­one with­out know­ing the de­tails of the med­i­cal re­port.

Q: Michael, with Lacy out most of the sea­son, would it not make sense for TT to try and sign M. Lynch out of re­tire­ment? Re­ports are he’s ready and in de­cent shape, Skit­tles not­with­stand­ing.

A: Ted made his move by trad­ing for Knile Davis. If he went out and did some­thing else, I’d be sur­prised. Un­less Don Jack­son’s hand is sig­nif­i­cantly dam­aged. Then he might have to make an­other move. How­ever, sign­ing Lynch is too splashy for Ted, in my opin­ion. Don’t think he would go that route even if he wanted to add an­other player.

Q: Why hasn’t Trevor Davis been given more op­por­tu­ni­ties? He’s the fastest re­ceiver on the team and this team has vir­tu­ally no deep threat? What’s up with that?

A: I don’t have a de­fin­i­tive an­swer to this ques­tion. I can posit some the­o­ries, though: 1) It takes rook­ies a long time to set­tle in with Aaron Rodgers. I re­mem­ber Jer­michael Fin­ley telling me he didn’t feel truly com­fort­able in the of­fense for about 2.5 years. We’ve seen how much Jeff Ja­nis has strug­gled to get on the same page as Rodgers. So it’s cer­tainly pos­si­ble Davis needs more time to de­velop. It’s also pos­si­ble that his thin frame — he’s su­per, su­per skinny — can’t hold up for more than a hand­ful of snaps each game. He’s not the type to run over the mid­dle of the field, so his route tree could be lim­ited at this point in time. Just some ideas.

Q: With Lacy and Shields on IR which one comes back in 8 weeks? Also with Lacy be­ing in his con­tract year if he doesn’t come back does Ted give him an­other con­tract?

A: If both play­ers are healthy in 8 weeks, the Pack­ers will ab­so­lutely choose Lacy over Shields. There’s no doubt about it. Lacy is the only player on of­fense — aside from maybe Rodgers — who the Pack­ers can­not re­place. They don’t have an­other 250 or 260-pound bruiser with quick feet and tough­ness. Very few teams do. So un­for­tu­nately for Shields, his sea­son is over if Lacy is healthy later this year.

Q: Does the OC make up the routes for re­ceivers to run? It seems like the of­fen­sive woes all started when Ben­nett was pro­moted to OC.

A: I don’t know who comes up with the routes the re­ceivers run. It’s a good ques­tion, though.

Q: Do you think that the “quick pass” of­fense re­ally wears down a de­fense as much as a power run­ning game?

A: Hmm. That’s a re­ally good ques­tion. I hadn’t thought of that. It prob­a­bly taxes the de­fense in dif­fer­ent ways. Imag­ine you’re a de­fen­sive line­man bust­ing like hell off the line of scrim­mage. You’re putting all your speed and strength into each pass rush, and there’s over 50 of them. The ball is snapped, you launch for­ward and then... Rodgers gets rid of the ball in 1.5 sec­onds or less. That start-stop-start-stop is prob­a­bly pretty drain­ing.


If healthy enough, Ed­die Lacy can be ac­ti­vated in eight weeks.

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