Packer Plus - - NEWS - Pack­ers beat writer Bob McGinn an­swered ques­tions from read­ers Feb. 8, fol­low­ing Su­per Bowl LI in Hous­ton. Read the tran­script at json­­ers.

Q: It has been said that this draft is weak for QBs. Is there any chance that we can flip ei­ther Hund­ley or Cal­la­han for a pick?

A: Cal­la­han? Re­ally? He was on the street some of the year. He has no mar­ket value. Hund­ley? The Pack­ers drafted him for pro­tec­tion at the most im­por­tant po­si­tion. They need him. Rodgers was re­mark­ably durable this sea­son but given how many hits he de­cides to take and the amount of run­ning that he does, the Pack­ers need a ca­pa­ble backup. Not a warm body like Gra­ham Har­rell.

Q: Very log­i­cal to re­lease Shields and Starks. Log­i­cal to let Pep­pers be done — no need to re­sign. Cap space is free­ing up. Boy it would be nice to spend a lit­tle (not break the bank) to fill a gap or two. CB es­pe­cially. Do you think there is a chance?

A: The Pack­ers will have a ton of cap space. Is Ted Thomp­son the man to take ad­van­tage of it? That is the ques­tion.

Q: Could the Pack­ers re­ally stand pat at CB, think­ing Rollins and Randall just had “bad” years?

A: They’d be fools if they did.

Q: Is Clay des­tined to be a MLB now? He can’t seem to stay healthy/ take the beat­ing at OLB. Adding him to the ex­ist­ing 3 MLBs, as­sum­ing they have nor­mal devel­op­ment/growth, it could be a pretty solid unit.

A: I see ILB as a more pun­ish­ing po­si­tion than OLB. Matthews is an out­side backer. He just needs to stop tak­ing so many chances and play his po­si­tion. His dad played to 40 or some­thing like that. So did his un­cle. I ex­pect Clay to play well and for a long time.

Q: Who is the GM for the Pa­tri­ots?

A: Belichick is the GM. He does the jobs of Thomp­son and McCarthy, and he does some of Russ Ball’s ne­go­ti­at­ing job, too.

Q: Mark Mur­phy claims he hasn’t set­tled on a suc­ces­sor to Ted Thomp­son, but some­how the Pack­ers man­age to keep two hot ex­ecs wait­ing in the wings. What’s go­ing on?

A: Mur­phy is dead right in not declar­ing a suc­ces­sor to Thomp­son. The best suc­ces­sors presently are un­der con­tract in KC (John Dorsey), Sea (John Sch­nei­der) and Oak (Reg­gie McKen­zie). You can throw in Scot McCloughan in Wash­ing­ton, too. Wolf and Gutekunst have never made GM de­ci­sions. Nei­ther has Ball, but at least he has worked sev­eral other places. Dorsey, Sch­nei­der, McKen­zie and McCloughan are GMs. It’s not re­ally a young man’s gig in Green Bay right now. The pres­sure to win is un­bear­able. It re­quires sea­son­ing un­der pres­sure. Sports Il­lus­trated’s Austin Mur­phy re­ferred to Green Bay this fall as “EnTitle­town.” He was com­i­cally spot on.

Q: Have you weighed in on the Great­est Quar­ter­back of All Time dis­cus­sion? To me, Tom Brady set­tled the is­sue on Sun­day, but some in Packer Na­tion still say Favre. Thoughts?

A: Joe Mon­tana was 4-0 in Su­per Bowls. It’s ei­ther Mon­tana or Brady (5-2 in Su­per Bowls). 1-2 or 2-1. It’s that close. For younger read­ers, Mon­tana was a more ath­letic, faster Aaron Rodgers with some­what less of an arm. Bill Walsh de­scribed him as po­etry in mo­tion, and he was. Favre sits some­where in that 6-9 range.

Q: Do you think if the Pack went into the play­offs with only 3 play­ers on IR, like the Pa­tri­ots, the re­sults would have been dif­fer­ent?

A: The Pack­ers had a pretty good go with in­juries this year. Of their 7 guys on IR at end, only Shields and Lacy were fac­tors. NE played 4 games with­out Brady, their best player, and 11 games with­out Rob Gronkowski, their sec­ond-best player.

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