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It’s gut-check time for Na­tional Foot­ball League gen­eral man­agers now. That’s be­cause the draft is all but upon us. This is a good thing be­cause con­ver­sa­tions about draft selec­tions should be con­fined to the cor­ner pub.

Ted Thomp­son has prob­a­bly bro­ken down more film at this point in time than any mem­ber of the Academy of Mo­tion Pic­ture Arts and Sciences.

Many scouts are watch­ing DVR’d re­plays of the com­bine. There’s noth­ing like watch­ing the bench press over and over and over again.

And then there’s the three­cone drill. A ca­sual ob­server would think that this takes place at Dairy Queen.

In ad­di­tion, NFL per­son­nel czars are pour­ing over Won­der­lic scores the same way your par­ents scru­ti­nized your re­port cards.

El­don F. Won­der­lic had the vi­sion and courage to de­velop this test used to aide em­ployee se­lec­tion, which should have punched his ticket to the Pro Foot­ball Hall of Fame years ago. Fame is very fickle.

One sam­ple ques­tion of El­don’s test is: If a piece of rope cost 20 cents per two feet, how many feet can you buy for 30 dol­lars?

OK, who needs that much rope? Do they think these guys go out and lasso cows in their spare time?

As a public ser­vice to the No Fun League, a new test will be pro­vided right here and now.

This test is known as the Won­der­why.

The Won­der­why fea­tures ques­tions that prob­a­bly would have cre­ated deep think­ing for philoso­phers like Aris­to­tle, Plato, Socrates and Bob Dy­lan.

So here are some of the ques­tions in the Won­der­why. If you get them all right, be sure to brag about it at your fa­vorite wa­ter­ing hole.

1. What is the le­gal air pres­sure in an NFL foot­ball?

A. Who cares? B. This ques­tion has sucked the air out of me

C. The an­swer my friend is blowin’ in the wind.

D. What­ever Tom Brady wants it to be.

2. The award for the best player went to...?

A. What are you ask­ing me for? B. Tim Te­bow C. La La Land D. Adele al­ways wins all the awards

3. Who has world out­door record for the fastest time in the sprint to the men’s room at half­time?

A. I’ll have to Google it B. Usain Bolt C. Michael Phelps D. Some Packer fan

4. How many Bears fans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A. None. They call an elec­tri- cian

B. Don’t know, but that might make for a great re­al­ity show C. I plead the fifth D. There are still Bears fans?

5. How many miles are there in the In­di­anapo­lis 500?

A. Do you need to know in Base 3?

B. I’ll text Andrew Luck and tell you later C. It de­pends on the weather D. Don’t know, I wasn’t a math ma­jor

6. What was the rea­son the Pack­ers didn’t get to the Su­per Bowl?

A. Don’t know, I wasn’t a his­tory ma­jor B. No se­condary C. No pass rush D. Olivia Munn 7. What is a Rhom­bus?

A. Don’t know, I never stud­ied an­cient Rome B. Mass tran­sit C. One of the Seven Blocks of Gran­ite D. Some­thing you can get at the Burger King drive-through

8. Do you like green eggs and ham?

A. I’ll ask my girl­friend B. Only if it helps me be­come a Gru­den Grinder

C. No, I could never lis­ten to Chris Berman on a full stom­ach

D. I only eat green and gold eggs and ham

9. Who is the pres­i­dent?

A. Don’t know, I wasn’t a po­lit­i­cal sci­ence ma­jor B. Ge­orge Washington C. Roger Good­ell D. Alec Bald­win

10. How much wood would a wood­chuck chuck if a wood­chuck could chuck wood?

A. I’m not into wood­work­ing B. Ed Hochuli’s crew is re­view­ing it

C. Aaron Rodgers can chuck a foot­ball bet­ter than a wood­chuck

D. If it is a lot, blame Dom Ca­pers


For­mer San Francisco 49ers quar­ter­back Colin Kaeper­nick won’t protest the na­tional an­them next sea­son, but he has yet to be signed by an­other NFL team.

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