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Pack­ers beat writer Tom Sil­ver­stein an­swered ques­tions dur­ing a chat at JSOn­ last week. To read the com­plete tran­script, visit json­ pack­ers:

Q: Seems like a fair trade for both sides is Seat­tle’s (Richard) Sher­man for Green Bay’s No. 2 pick plus Richard Rodgers. Your thoughts?

A: I don’t know. It’s a re­ally good year for cor­ners and pass rush­ers and you might risk los­ing out on a re­ally good player for a guy who might only be able to help you for a year or two. When the draft is full of re­ally good play­ers at po­si­tions that are at a pre­mium, I think you have to fa­vor picks. You might miss out on a core player who will be around for the next eight years. I don’t think I’d give up any of my high picks. In fact, I’d be try­ing to ac­cu­mu­late more.

Q: I see so many holes, so few picks. It seems TT thinks (Da­mar­i­ous) Ran­dall and (Quin­ten) Rollins are the an­swers but that seems hard to sup­port. Both are too small and too slow. (Micah) Hyde is gone, (Davon) House is three years older than when he could not start here. OL has holes. Run­ning back. And the over­all bane of TT’s ten­ure — line­backer. What do you think the pri­or­i­ties will be from

the first round on down?

A: I think you’re for­get­ting that they went to the NFC Cham­pi­onship game and the only big losses I see are (T.J.) Lang and (Julius) Pep­pers. They’ll be fine with­out Hyde, (Da­tone) Jones, (Ed­die) Lacy. They’re loaded again on of­fense and will be adding to their core with draft picks this year. They do still have is­sues on de­fense. I dis­agree that Ran­dall and Rollins are too small. Both are 5-11. That’s good size for a cor­ner. Ran­dall ran a 4.46. He’s plenty ath­letic enough. Rollins isn’t slower than Hyde. They just need to get those guys to ma­ture and play. Run­ning back is the eas­i­est po­si­tion to fill. Guard will be a tough one, same with in- side line­backer. I think they need ath­letes, im­pact play­ers on de­fense. Doesn’t mat­ter where.

Q: One thing about this sched­ule — the Pack­ers will cer­tainly be bat­tle tested by the time play­offs get started. Your thoughts?

A: I don’t know. Ev­ery time I think a sched­ule is re­ally tough, there’s a shake up and teams you don’t think are go­ing to be any good are good. We do know that Seat­tle, At­lanta and Dallas will be tough, and I ex­pect Detroit to be the same or bet­ter. The early part of the sea­son will be a test, but I don’t re­ally see this sched­ule as be­ing all that tough. It’s def­i­nitely not tougher than the one last year when they had to win out.

Q: Tom, in your opin­ion who has the best Fri­day fish fry in the Green Bay area? Also, in my hum­ble opin­ion the Pack­ers will take a CB in round one. It seems so ob­vi­ous. Am I wrong?

A: Un­for­tu­nately, I can only help you in Mil­wau­kee. I highly rec­om­mend Spit­fire’s near the Miller Brewery. As for cor­ner­back, I don’t think you’re wrong, but I don’t know for sure that you’re right. Could be a pass rusher.

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