Do the Pack­ers need a GM?

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This ques­tion is to Packer President, Mark Mur­phy, and the Board of Direc­tors: Does our Packer coach Mike McCarthy need a GM to pro­cure and pay proper play­ers to have a con­sist­ing win­ning pro­gram like Vince Lom­bardi, whose top con­di­tion for tak­ing the head coach of the Pack­ers in 1959 was that he be given to­tal con­trol in se­lect­ing and pay­ing the play­ers he wanted and needed?

Con­trary to that, coach Mike can only deal with the hand given him. Based on the prior, it makes a lot of sense that the GM po­si­tion be sub­or­di­nated and as­sis­tive to the head coach or even be done away as such. My pref­er­ence is for the clause pre­ced­ing. This sit­u­a­tion is con­gru­ent with the phe­nom­e­nally suc­cess­ful win­ning Patriots too, where Belichick is head coach and has a sup­port­ing cast to help him with the paper work, scout­ing, and fi­nances. Thus, our Packer GM is an en­cum­brance to our team or­ga­ni­za­tion and op­er­a­tion.

Our D-coach needs at least one premier Dtackle, which, as of now, Ca­pers won’t have. So, I urge GM Ted to some­how find and get one while the op­por­tu­nity is still at hand. Oth­er­wise, on with Thomp­son’s show and an­other Su­per Bowl bust.

For the Big G! The best to all Packer Back­ers.

Antonio N. Monaco Chicago

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