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A rest­ful, quiet bye week quickly turned in­ter­est­ing

The bye week was sup­posed to be peace­ful.

With no Packer game, it pre­sented the op­por­tu­nity to do some light read­ing. Some­thing like the newly re­leased JFK files.

There was no sense rak­ing leaves. Af­ter all, this is ex­actly why wind was in­vented.

With all the spare time, you could have jus­ti­fied plop­ping down on the couch and watch­ing the other NFL teams in ac­tion. This is what’s known as ad­vance scout­ing.

And this was go­ing to be a nice, quiet week. No yelling about Mike McCarthy’s play­call­ing. No yelling at Brett Hund­ley and his 40.5 passer rat­ing.

The fes­tive Hal­loween hol­i­day week­end was com­ing up. You didn’t have to worry if Dom Ca­pers blew con­tain­ment and ran out of candy af­ter three trick-or-treaters.

But the an­tic­i­pated leisurely week took a turn for the worse.

There was more drama in Pack­er­land than on any those episodes of Real Housewives. You know, Green Bay is one of the only cities that doesn’t host one of those Real Housewives shows. Even Auck­land has one. And Auck­land isn’t ex­actly Title­town.

Be that as it may, out of nowhere there was an Aaron Rodgers sight­ing. When last seen, the Fran­chise had got­ten up af­ter be­ing nailed by Min­nesota’s An­thony Barr. As Rodgers left the field with a bro­ken col­lar­bone, he fired off sailor lan­guage in Barr’s di­rec­tion.

So Rodgers spills his guts to Co­nan O’Brien of all peo­ple. What about Oprah for cry­ing out loud?

Rodgers told the TBS fun­ny­man that there was more to the ver­biage than meets the eye.

“I looked over at him as I walked off the field,” he said. “The cam­eras caught me say- ing some­thing to him, but what they missed was him giv­ing me the fin­ger, and the ‘suck it’ sign. There’s no re­spect any more in this busi­ness. But I’m good now. Thir­teen screws later and here I am.”

Thir­teen screws? You re­ally don’t want to be be­hind him at a TSA walk-through metal de­tec­tor at the air­port.

Now Barr did not take No. 12’s al­le­ga­tions lightly. He took to Twit­ter — of all places — to re­spond. That’s how you spat these days, you know.

“(Shak­ing my head) this guy got ya’ll fooled man,” he wrote. “Af­ter the play, I go back to the hud­dle, don’t even look or say a word to him. Once he gets up, I’m wait­ing for the play call and hear some­one shout­ing all kinds of pro­fan­i­ties. I look over and it’s y’all mans call­ing me all kinds of names, F you this, F you that as he’s walk­ing off the field. So nat­u­rally I re­sponded. I don’t care if you Aaron Rodgers or Mr. Rodgers, if you say some­thing like that you’re gonna get a re­sponse from me. I could go on a talk show ev­ery week­end and com­plain about the ‘dis­re­spect­ful’ things play­ers say or do. If he takes the lick and keeps it push­ing, we aren’t STILL talk­ing about this.” Barr added the hash­tags “#13dayslater” and “getoverit.”

This is just the tip of the ice­berg, Mr. Barr. They’ll be talk­ing about this for­ever. So getoverit!

There’s just one way to set­tle this thing, too. Hug it out on Dr. Phil? Nah. A steel cage match.


It’s Week 9 al­ready and Rock­to­ber has come and gone. Raise your hand if you made it go out with a bang and cranked the Os­monds. That would have cer­tainly cured the bye-week blues. Re­mem­ber this look into the crys­tal ball is for re­cre­ational pur­poses only. So don’t play minia­ture golf for a half an hour af­ter di­gest­ing this in­for­ma­tion.

Game of the week: Chiefs at Cow­boys: There hasn’t been a heavy­weight matchup like this since Larry Holmes took on Eric “But­ter­bean” Esch. The Cow­boys have wo­ken up. It’s prob­a­bly as a re­sult of Jerry Jones flap-jaw­ing. He won’t have much to say af­ter this. Chiefs 42, Cow­boys 28.

Game of the weak: Raiders at Dol­phins: You mean this is the Sun­day night game? Spoiler alert: You can go to bed early. Raiders 13, Dol­phins 10.

Lions at Pack­ers: You can’t give Hund­ley two weeks to pre­pare for a team. Lions 9, Pack­ers 6.


Nor­man Chad, syn­di­cated colum­nist, on Jack­sonville’s start: “Win, loss, win, loss, win, loss; this is eerily sim­i­lar to my mar­i­tal his­tory.”...

Mike Bianchi of the Or­lando Sen­tinel: “A new na­tional sur­vey shows that Ma­jor League Base­ball has sur­passed the NFL as Amer­ica’s fa­vorite pro­fes­sional sport. I have a name for the peo­ple who voted on this sur­vey: Liars!!! NFL TV rat­ings may be down, but they still dwarf MLB rat­ings. And, be­sides, ev­ery­body knows Amer­ica’s fa­vorite pro­fes­sional sport is col­lege foot­ball.”...

John Breech of CBSs­, on twice-sus­pended WR Mar­tavis Bryant de­mand­ing the Steel­ers get rid of him or throw him more passes: “This is ba­si­cally the equiv­a­lent of Steven Sea­gal de­mand­ing to star in a Spiel­berg film.”...

Bob Moli­naro in the Nor­folk Vir­ginian Pi­lot, af­ter Bears QB Mitchell Tru­bisky threw only seven passes in a vic­tory over Carolina: “There’s a lot to be said for bring­ing a rookie along slowly, but Tru­bisky is play­ing with the world’s largest set of train­ing wheels.”... Chiefs run­ning back Char

can­drick West, af­ter beat­ing a 7-year-old who had chal­lenged him to a game of Mad­den by a score of 148-0: “So what I’m sup­posed to do … he said he knew how to play and could beat me.”


Pack­ers quar­ter­back Aaron Rodgers ex­plained his dis­plea­sure with An­thony Barr’s ques­tion­able hit while Rodgers was on the late night tele­vi­sion show ‘Co­nan’ last Thurs­day.

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