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Pack­ers colum­nist Pete Dougherty an­swered ques­tions from read­ers last Thurs­day . Read the tran­script at www.json­­ers.

Q: If Brett Hund­ley falls flat on his face in the next, say 3 games, will (Mike) McCarthy con­sider bring­ing in a vet­eran QB?

A: He might have to. That will be the real test for how he feels about Hund­ley. The more highly he re­gards Hund­ley, the longer he’ll stick with him through early strug­gles. I’d think he needs to give him sev­eral games though to see what he re­ally has.

Q: Lets cut to the chase. Isn’t Dom Ca­pers and his in­sanely com­pli­cated de­fense that takes years to in­ter­nal­ize THE prob­lem and al­ways will be? 10 men on the field in mul­ti­ple games truly in­ex­cus­able.

A: The 10 men on the field was bad. But I thought it was much worse that no­body called time­out. Some­body on the field or side­lines has to rec­og­nize that.

Q: It sounds like the like­li­hood of (Aaron) Rodgers re­turn­ing this year is slim to none. Ob­vi­ously coaches and play­ers won’t roll over. But as a fan do I hope they make the play­offs with lit­tle chance to make a Su­per Bowl, or hope they lose out and get a high draft pick?

A: That’s a good ques­tion. I’m in­clined to think the latter but don’t have a strong feel­ing one way or the other. If they go to the play­offs but don’t have a chance at the SB, which they would with Rodgers, then part of me says, what’s the point? Draft­ing late ev­ery year con­trib­utes to their ros­ter is­sues. So the higher the pick the bet­ter. But jobs are on the line — as you’ve seen from the ques­tions about Ca­pers, and there have been a lot of them in the in­box that proved re­dun­dant to the ones I an­swered — the per­for­mance for the rest of the year mat­ters, a lot. There’s no way they’re tank­ing. I guess it’s up to fans to look at it as they choose.

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