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Ways to im­prove Pack­ers’ ros­ter

I have con­cerns and sug­ges­tions for our Packer staff and coaches. Based on their pro­duc­tion of the most high paid play­ers, $8 mil­lion and above (with the ex­cep­tion of David Bakhtiari, Aaron Rodgers, and Mike Daniels) their salaries should be re­duced. Reasons? Spread­ing the money around more evenly and ap­pro­pri­ately, keeps the team hap­pier, mo­ti­vated, and saves some $ on the cap!

As to the over­all qual­ity, our ros­ter is quite iffy and shaky! The move par­tic­u­larly for QB Kizer by coach Mike was ex­tremely wise given our back­ups in Hund­ley and Cal­la­han – pro­vided DeShone is NFL ma­te­rial. The scarier rea­son is Aaron’s both right and left, broken and re­paired, clav­i­cle in­juries! Imag­ine what could hap­pen to Aaron if a 300–325 pound D-tackle or a big, mean LB gets a hold on him and crashes down upon his chest! Good-bye Aaron for the sea­son and for good! Thus, a su­per able RT — like David Bakhtiari on the left — is needed to re­place Bryan Bu­laga, who un­for­tu­nately is badly hub­bled by in­juries, and can be kept as a sub.

One more dire need – our Pack­ers pass rush has been woe­ful. Ur­gent is an­other pass rush pen­e­tra­tor and run stop­per D-tackle. Two such are avail­able in the draft: Tim Set­tle, 6-3, 329 pounds, or Vita Vea, 6-4, 347. Ev­ery ef­fort, spare none, should be made to draft one of these two!

Greet­ings to all Packer dear­hearts. Best wishes to our Packer brass! An­to­nio Monaco Chicago

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