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Num­ber Breaths

Sit in a chair with your feet planted on the floor. In­hale, ex­pand­ing your belly, and then ex­hale, pulling your navel to your spine as much as you pos­si­bly can. Hold for one count, let your belly but­ton halfway out, then force­fully pull it back in as you count “one” out loud (to make sure you’re not hold­ing your breath). Do 20 reps, count­ing aloud. Rest by tak­ing one big belly in­hale and ex­hale. Re­peat the ex­er­cise twice more.

Curve and Lift

Sit on the floor in a C-curve po­si­tion: back rounded against a rolled-up towel, navel pulled in to spine, and hands by sides with fin­ger­tips touch­ing floor. Main­tain­ing hold, lift and ex­tend right leg di­rectly in front of you. Bend knee, and re­turn right foot to floor. Do eight reps, then switch legs and re­peat. Rest and re­peat.

Belly Burn

Start on the floor or a yoga mat on all fours. Press into your palms and round your back (like the Cat Pose in yoga). Pull your navel in to­ward your spine, then do small pelvic pulses (tuck­ing your pelvis with lit­tle thrusts), ex­hal­ing each time and pulling your navel deeper to­ward your spine. Do 20 pulses. Rest and re­peat.

Curve and Reach

Sit on the floor with knees bent, feet flat, and a rolled-up towel at the base of your spine. Round your lower back against the towel so your torso forms a C-curve, and draw your navel to your spine. Hold that po­si­tion—but don’t hold your breath—as you slowly swing your straight arms for­ward and then up, then lower them to the floor. Do ten reps. Rest and re­peat.

Curve and Twist

Re­peat the Curve and Lift, but this time, very slowly twist your torso to­ward the leg you lift. Start by lift­ing your right leg and ro­tat­ing your torso to­ward the right with right arm ex­tended. Re­turn torso to cen­ter, and lower leg and arm. Do eight reps, then switch sides and re­peat. Rest and re­peat.

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