Guer­ril­las in the mist

Flame & Citron, WorldWar II noir thriller, not rated, in Dan­ish and Ger­man with sub­ti­tles, The Screen, 3.5 chiles

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IThe gun­man loads his weapons and slides them into a shoul­der hol­ster, a boot, the waist­band of his trousers. “I know I’m do­ing the right thing,” he in­tones in a flat voice-over. And he heads out to kill.

In to­day’s cli­mate, our first thought is of ter­ror­ism. And this is ter­ror­ism, but it’s not to­day’s. It is a ter­ror­ism for which we feel a queasy re­spect, be­cause it is di­rected against Nazis. And as such, it un­com­fort­ably forces us to ex­am­ine our feel­ings. Is ter­ror­ism a bad thing, or is it only bad when it goes against us? Is it jus­ti­fied if it fur­thers ends we be­lieve are just?

Flame and Citron are the code names, or nick­names, of a cou­ple of fight­ers in the leg­endaryWorldWar II Dan­ish re­sis­tance group Hol­ger Danske. They were real peo­ple: Flame (Thure Lind­hardt), named for his red hair, was a bach­e­lor named Bent Faurschou-Hviid. In 1944, when the events of the movie take place, he was 23. Citron (Mads Mikkelsen, who played the vil­lain Le Chiffre in Casino Royale) was Jør­gen Haa­gen Schmith, a 33-year-old hus­band and fa­ther.

Flame is the pri­mary gun­man; Citron drives the get­away car. They take their or­ders from a smooth, shad­owy fel­low named Ak­sel Winther (Peter My­gind), who gets his from the Bri­tish com­mand. Or so he says. It be­comes in­creas­ingly clear that no­body can trust any­body.

Es­pe­cially when sex en­ters the pic­ture. Flame meets the mys­te­ri­ous Ketty Selmer (Stine Sten­gade) in a bar and is smit­ten. But is Ketty a sim­ple courier, an agent, a dou­ble agent, a triple agent? Flame is cau­tious enough to do a lit­tle check­ing on her, but ul­ti­mately, when de­ci­sions come down, as they so of­ten do, to

Re­sisters are do­ing it for them­selves: Mads Mikkelsen, left, and Thure Lind­hardt

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