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The astrological mood flick­ers be­tween sen­si­tive and strangely obliv­i­ous next week. We might be far­sighted and hap­pier to work with new peo­ple, places, and things, but we’re dense at home with the sun and Venus in free­wheel­ing Sagittarius and Mars in ex­tro­verted Leo — all ex­tro­verted fire signs. It’s easy to get lost in the bus­tle, so stay brisk and cen­tered. Mer­cury in de­ter­mined Capricorn can help us stay men­tally fo­cused, though we can ob­sess or mi­cro­man­age.

This week­end the mood is di­rect and prag­matic but se­ri­ous un­der a Scorpio moon. Pre­hol­i­day de­pres­sion is nat­u­ral but not nec­es­sary. It’s easy to com­pare this hol­i­day to an ideal or a mem­ory and find it lack­ing, but use th­ese in­stead to keep pri­or­i­ties straight.

We might be called to cut through a po­lite or con­fused haze and be ruth­lessly but not bru­tally hon­est. Po­lit­i­cal protest could pre­vail, and our cyn­i­cal streak might show. But cyn­i­cism and other strong feel­ings can dis­tort our un­der­stand­ing as Mer­cury semisquares Nep­tune.

Early next week, a di­rect, breezy new Sagittarius moon adds hol­i­day spirit; it also makes free speech a ne­ces­sity or com­pul­sion, but lis­ten as well. The sun squares Uranus. Ask what needs a tem­po­rary change ver­sus a per­ma­nent fix.

The vibe is co­op­er­a­tive, de­ter­mined, pushy, flir­ta­tious, and im­pas­sioned mid­week as Venus trines Mars in fire signs un­der a com­pe­tent Capricorn moon. Avoid fights over the sales bins. Strangers are fas­ci­nat­ing in this ex­tro­ver­sion, but per­sonal and po­lit­i­cal au­ton­omy and self-determination take cen­ter stage. Peo­ple in con­trol­ling re­la­tion­ships will feel the heat. Fri­day, Dec. 11: Get organized and make agree­ments early. Af­ter­noon clouds up, and our re­ac­tion time slows down as Mer­cury semisquares Nep­tune. Emo­tional ex­pec­ta­tions in­crease as com­mu­ni­ca­tions de­crease this evening; un­der­stand be­fore re­act­ing. At­ti­tudes may de­velop in the late evening as the moon en­ters Scorpio. Satur­day, Dec. 12: Morn­ing is ef­fi­cient, hon­est, and im­pa­tient; avoid shop­ping malls and other ditsy places. No­tice a work­man­like ap­proach to fam­ily events. While work­ing side by side, take the op­por­tu­nity to tan­gen­tially ap­proach deeper ques­tions this af­ter­noon. Talk big but not per­sonal tonight. Sun­day, Dec. 13: Morn­ing is good for a long talk with our­selves but maybe not with oth­ers. Pay at­ten­tion to avoid tem­pers and mishaps mid­day as the Scorpio moon squares Mars. The af­ter­noon flows into more heal­ing, creative, and ex­ploratory edges. Kind­ness is key. Mon­day, Dec. 14: Change scents the air as the sun squares Uranus un­der a Sagittarius moon; make the changes use­ful, not gra­tu­itous. It’s an er­ratic mid­morn­ing; keep ac­cep­tance open, and con­trol im­pulses. The af­ter­noon brings fresh hori­zons, con­fi­dence, and com­pe­tence as the sun sex­tiles Jupiter. Tues­day, Dec. 15: This mag­i­cal day de­mands our at­ten­tion; the trees, clouds, and spirit sing. Lis­ten as the sun sex­tiles Nep­tune. Avoid talk­ing about bills and other harsh re­al­i­ties; we need more nu­mi­nous food and aren’t think­ing clearly. If dear ones ap­pear pre­oc­cu­pied, share a new ex­pe­ri­ence in­stead of try­ing to work things out. Wed­nes­day, Dec. 16: This morn­ing, the new moon in Sagittarius prompts an ad­ven­ture of mind, body, or spirit. The moon en­ters Capricorn in the af­ter­noon to pro­vide prag­matic fol­low-up and get us back to work. It con­juncts Pluto this evening and lets us feel what’s miss­ing. Thurs­day, Dec. 17: We need use­ful work or will cause trou­ble; en­ergy and determination may be be­hind a bad mood, a real mis­take, or a real gift. As Venus and Mars trine in fire signs, we con­nect over our ef­forts; trust built now cre­ates open­ings later.

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