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On this the dark­est week of the year, we can take the light of the sun and the hope and prom­ise of the year ahead into our hearts. We may feel the moody dark­ness con­tinue through a thought­ful Christ­mas Eve as the sun con­juncts Pluto, but we know life and light will soon re­turn to our world.

Take no moral short­cuts this week. Ac­tions have im­pact and sym­bol­i­cally rep­re­sent our real philoso­phies. We may feel tested, as if the uni­verse wants to know whether we live up to all our hi­fa­lutin ideals. Look for real op­por­tu­ni­ties to give back to the com­mu­nity and spread the Sagit­tar­ian sea­sonal gen­eros­ity. But let’s not get blinded by our ideals and try to help peo­ple who don’t want it; re­spect per­sonal au­thor­ship and ask what’s needed.

Af­ter a prag­matic start, this week­end has lovely so­cial sparks. Re­la­tion­ships in the early stages re­ally take off as Venus squares Uranus and sex­tiles Jupiter and Nep­tune. But all this fo­cus on our com­mu­nity con­nec­tions and new ac­quain­tances can strain in­ti­mate re­la­tion­ships; they need ex­tra con­sid­er­a­tion. Mars ret­ro­grades and sends us back to fin­ish busi­ness. We may feel im­pa­tient for a change we can smell and feel, but it is not yet here. Some old am­bi­tion, de­sire, or ar­gu­ment re­turns, but we’ve changed and need to take a fresh look at old co­nun­drums.

Look west­ward on Sun­day and Mon­day evenings to see a glo­ri­ous con­junc­tion be­tween the moon, Jupiter, and Nep­tune. It sup­ports any med­i­ta­tion, prayer, and cel­e­bra­tion and adds wings to our sto­ries. If we de­cide to send lov­ingkind­ness around the globe, it can be­come a tan­gi­ble force.

Mid­week our hearts are ten­der. Con­nect with peo­ple without hol­i­day anx­i­ety. Low en­ergy can be hard on those with health chal­lenges, so check in with one an­other. Our spir­its re­turn on Christ­mas Eve. Fri­day, Dec. 18: The day brings an earthy, healthy note as Venus trines Mars in fire signs un­der a Capricorn moon. Con­nect with new peo­ple; launch a new ad­ven­ture. Satur­day, Dec. 19: There’s a fes­tive, reck­less note in the air as Venus squares Uranus un­der an Aquarius moon. Don’t try to get per­sonal and cud­dly. The af­ter­noon and evening can be emo­tion­ally un­set­tled with tech­ni­cal dif­fi­cul­ties but also creative bravado. En­joy the pageantry, but don’t buy into the melo­drama as Mars turns ret­ro­grade in Leo tonight. Sun­day, Dec. 20: Keep ex­er­tion joy­ous but re­laxed as the moon op­poses Mars. Some­thing tough needs to be said this af­ter­noon, but say it kindly. This evening, a beau­ti­ful sex­tile from Venus to Jupiter and Nep­tune feeds our ca­ma­raderie. Mon­day, Dec. 21: Cre­ate the magic of a shared hope for the year ahead as the moon, Jupiter, and Nep­tune con­junct ex­actly as the sun en­ters Capricorn in the morn­ing. In­tu­ition and imagination flood us, but wish­ful think­ing can make sim­ple com­mu­ni­ca­tions chal­leng­ing. Bur­row in, re­new, and dream tonight. Tues­day, Dec. 22: Drop the prac­ti­cal stuff and fuel the heart. Some­thing im­por­tant comes from the bot­tom of the soul. Help­ing those less for­tu­nate than our­selves is good medicine for any streak of self-pity. Wed­nes­day, Dec. 23: We’re so aware of what we’re miss­ing and what could be— a melan­cholic bit­ter­sweet note whis­pers as the Pisces moon con­juncts Uranus while the sun con­juncts Pluto. In­dulge in fam­ily tra­di­tions, and take good care of the heart. Thurs­day, Dec. 24: En­er­gize as the moon en­ters Aries and the sun con­juncts pow­er­ful Pluto. Don’t try to make rel­a­tives be­have. Make peo­ple a pri­or­ity. It’s an ex­pres­sive and in­tense evening.

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