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Like pen­cil lines mea­sur­ing grow­ing chil­dren on a kitchen door jam, hol­i­days mark our progress. This Christ­mas Day could brim with warmth and bring up con­flict­ing feel­ings as the sun con­juncts Pluto un­der a rest­less Aries moon, trig­ger­ing a deep re­assess­ment of our lives. We may won­der what it takes to make an­other round on the wheel of life and be grate­ful we’ve made it thus far.

This con­junc­tion can also trig­ger some in­ter­est­ing power plays, like a grand­mother strong-arm­ing the fam­ily to visit and kids re­fus­ing to co­op­er­ate. Or it could trig­ger some in­tense tran­si­tion that con­tin­ues through New Year’s Day as Venus con­juncts Pluto and stim­u­lates the whole fam­ily to rise to the oc­ca­sion. The more lee­way we al­low for spon­tane­ity and funny mo­ments of ac­cep­tance, the more joy­ous a time it can be.

Mer­cury ret­ro­grades on Satur­day and asks us to slow down for a few weeks. Prac­tice ba­sic Mer­cury ret­ro­grade skills: con­firm ap­point­ments, keep track of keys, keep sched­ules loose, and make con­tin­gency plans.

Early next week the mood grows less hec­tic and more heart­felt. As Venus con­juncts Pluto and then squares Saturn, we may be re­minded of miss­ing peo­ple or times gone by, and this can en­cour­age us to love more than ever.

Mid­week, it’s easy to talk about what we feel but harder to show it as Venus squares tac­i­turn Saturn. We’re spread thin, men­tally ac­tive, and eas­ily dis­tracted. Work or re­spon­si­bil­i­ties can get in the way of our love life or our creative urges but must be hon­ored now.

New Year’s Eve is un­usu­ally sub­dued; we’re not nat­u­rally out­go­ing as the Can­cer moon op­poses Pluto. We cel­e­brate the end of a tough decade, but what we need more than a wild party is com­fort, sup­port, and a chance to share our vi­sion for the New Year. Fri­day, Dec. 25: Ev­ery­thing seems mag­ni­fied as the sun con­juncts Pluto. This af­ter­noon, we get tired of rein­ing in our in­di­vid­u­al­ity for oth­ers’ con­ve­nience as the Aries moon trines Mars. Tonight, pri­or­i­tize safety and mu­tual ac­cep­tance. Satur­day, Dec. 26: We are im­pa­tient in the morn­ing but re­lax later as the moon en­ters Taurus and Mer­cury ret­ro­grades. Don’t try to fin­ish the con­ver­sa­tion— just toss around ideas and let them ripen. Ev­ery­thing gets slower if we hurry. Sun­day, Dec. 27: Play to­day like it’s an ex­er­cise of the soul and build some mus­cles. Re­spon­si­bil­ity is the point this morn­ing. Later we do bet­ter when we get out of our­selves and fo­cus on the larger pur­pose as Venus con­juncts Pluto. Mon­day, Dec. 28: Drop judg­ments and use ir­ri­ta­tion with oth­ers as a ve­hi­cle for self-im­prove­ment. In the af­ter­noon, pierce the con­fu­sion or seek a heal­ing vi­sion as the moon squares Jupiter, Nep­tune, and Ch­i­ron. Re­la­tion­ships can feel tested or out of sync, but don’t take it per­son­ally. Tues­day, Dec. 29: Im­prove the sit­u­a­tion and the mood as Venus squares Saturn. Talk things out; the past is eas­ier to un­der­stand than the present. Mu­tual re­spon­si­bil­ity can heal a re­cently tested trust. Wed­nes­day, Dec. 30: Plans change this morn­ing as the moon squares Uranus. Im­pa­tience about the fu­ture can leave us eas­ily ir­ri­tated un­less we own our real con­cerns. A door­way opens mid­day as the moon trines Jupiter. Co­or­di­nate care­fully on this creative, con­fus­ing evening. Thurs­day, Dec. 31: Let lit­tle tribu­la­tions roll off our backs. We can re­view the past but can’t see very far ahead just yet. Com­fort, sup­port, and feed one an­other as a sym­bolic way of feed­ing the new year ahead.

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