The Most Mag­i­cal Night

Pasatiempo - - Stories - by So­phie LeBron

It all started one amaz­ing Christ­mas Eve, which was also the fifth night of Hanukkah. The clock struck mid­night. All of a sud­den, the Christ­mas or­na­ments hopped down from the tree. The latkes sat up. Rose, one of the latkes, ran out into the hall­way. The an­gel, who was a beau­ti­ful, blond-haired, blue-eyed girl, looked around in awe. The latkes, not notic­ing the or­na­ments, gath­ered in a cir­cle and be­gan to play drei­del.

“ Gimel!” shouted Su­san. She pulled all of the gelt to­ward her­self. Su­san was a warm-hearted, de­li­cious latke. Her shred­ded po­tato hair came down to her feet. Crispy, brown shred­ded po­tato pieces cov­ered her tiny body.

Mean­while, the or­na­ments were hav­ing a party in the liv­ing room. The rein­deer or­na­ment flew on top of the side ta­ble. The ta­ble had Santa’s cook­ies on it! The rein­deer mo­tioned to the other or­na­ments to join him. Im­me­di­ately, all of the or­na­ments climbed onto the top of the ta­ble. They all started feast­ing on the cook­ies. All at once, the or­na­ments were si­lent.

Ski­ing Santa, a small, chubby, kind and friendly or­na­ment, shuf­fled to the cen­ter of the or­na­ments. He was in charge. “Hello,” he bel­lowed. “Hello,” re­sponded all the or­na­ments, from the star to the ze­bra to the tap dancer.

“Now, let’s have some fun!” hollered Ski­ing Santa.

All of the or­na­ments be­gan to party but still did not no­tice the latkes. “Santa Claus is com­ing!” screamed the ze­bra. “Who is Santa Claus?” asked Jake, a latke. Then they saw a man with a long, white beard walk in. All of the latkes scam­pered to a hid­ing spot. Jake was too scared to move! Luck­ily, he re­mem­bered that he was a small latke, so he fell over flat and tried to be very still.

Santa Claus looked around cu­ri­ously. “What is that thing on the floor?” he mum­bled to him­self.

He saw his empty plate of cook­ies. Santa Claus felt very strange in this mys­te­ri­ous house. While he was putting the presents un­der the tree, he saw the po­lar bear in the igloo lift up his paw. That is just an or­na­ment, thought Santa to him­self. He quickly fin­ished and left the house.

At that mo­ment, the or­na­ments no­ticed the latkes. The latkes saw the or­na­ments. They all frowned. They each thought that they were bet­ter than the other. “No one comes for you like Santa Claus comes for us!” yelled the or­na­ments.

“We have eight days of Hanukkah, and you only have one day of Christ­mas!” the latkes an­swered back.

“Well, we have a Christ­mas tree!” shouted back the or­na­ments.

“We have a shiny meno­rah!” called the latkes.

“Our Christ­mas tree is big­ger than your puny meno­rah!” shouted the or­na­ments, get­ting an­grier and an­grier. “Stop!” yelled Su­san. “What?” every­one else hollered back. “Why are you ar­gu­ing? It’s the hol­i­days, and every­one should be happy and get along,” Su­san cried out.

Every­one apol­o­gized to each other. The sun was start­ing to rise. The or­na­ments and latkes rushed back to the Christ­mas tree and the kitchen. They heard foot­steps scurrying down the stairs! The two other young girls who lived in the house were on their way down­stairs.

The latkes were boost­ing each other up to the coun­ter­top, and the or­na­ments were help­ing each other onto the Christ­mas tree. Then the clock chimed and it was 7 a.m. All of the or­na­ments and latkes froze. They were no longer alive.

That is how the story ended— on Christ­mas morn­ing, which was also the sixth day of Hanukkah.

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