Best Christ­mas Ever

Pasatiempo - - Stories - by Harsh Girishb­hai Bhundiya

“RING! RING!” I turned off my alarm and opened my eyes. I looked around. I had been wait­ing for this day for a year. It was Christ­mas! I got out of my bed and ran to the Christ­mas tree. I couldn’t be­lieve my eyes. There was noth­ing! I looked all around the tree, then un­der all the fur­ni­ture. There was still noth­ing. I was shocked. Ev­ery Christ­mas since I could re­mem­ber there had been presents un­der the tree.

I was just about to call 911 when my par­ents came in. To my sur­prise, they had huge smiles on their faces.

“What’s go­ing on?” I asked, per­plexed and very wor­ried. “We have a sur­prise for you,” mom said. “You’ll have to find it,” dad said with a sneaky smile on his face.

I felt ex­cited again. What could the sur­prise be? Maybe it was some­thing big or maybe some­thing small.

“There are three clues that will help you fig­ure out the sur­prise,” dad con­tin­ued. “But you’ll have to find the clues as well.”

“The first clue is out­side,” said mom. “You’ll dis­cover it when you build a snow­man to find it.” Then, they walked away. I ran out­side. Wow! I thought. I could see the big snowflakes fall­ing down and the trees cov­ered with snow. Win­ter is my fa­vorite sea­son. I started to make the snow­man. First, I made the base. As I was rolling a large snow­ball to make the mid­dle part, sud­denly, it hit some­thing metal. I dug a lit­tle into the snow and found a trans­par­ent, glass ball. In­side, there was a trop­i­cal scene of palm trees and a beau­ti­ful beach. I brought the glass ball in­side my house and looked at it closely. Could this mean that we were go­ing to a beach next sum­mer? Be­fore I could think any­more, mom and dad came in.

“Good job!” dad said. “Now you will have to find the sec­ond clue.”

“This time, look around the kitchen,” said mom.

I ran to the kitchen and started looking. I looked around the sink, stove, and re­frig­er­a­tor, but there was noth­ing. I was tired and de­cided to sit down at the din­ing ta­ble. When I sat down, I felt some­thing on the chair. It was a pic­ture of a coral reef. Wow! I thought. There were beau­ti­ful fish and coral in all dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes. I knew that the sur­prise must have some­thing to do with a trop­i­cal place. Then, on the back of the pic­ture, I no­ticed some writ­ing: “Good job! Now you will need to look for the third clue. You will find it some­where in your room. Good luck!”

I ran to my room. I looked all around my toys, my bed, and ev­ery­thing else. Maybe I am for­get­ting to look some­where, I thought. What could that place be? I wished my cousin were here. He was great at find­ing things. In fact, he would win a tro­phy if there was a race for find­ing things. Wait a minute! That’s it! The tro­phy sec­tion! I ran to where all of my tro­phies were. There was the clue! It was a map of the Caribbean is­lands. Of course! It must mean that I was go­ing to the Caribbean is­lands! Just then, mom and dad came in.

“Ex­cel­lent!” said mom. “You found all the three clues.”

“I know what the sur­prise is. We’re go­ing to the Caribbean,” I said.

My dad laughed. “Now, you will have to look for the sur­prise and find out if you are right,” said dad. “But this time, we won’t tell you what room to look in.”

I looked all around the house. I looked in ev­ery sin­gle cor­ner and un­der ev­ery sin­gle ta­ble and chair. No luck. Where could the sur­prise be? Af­ter a cou­ple of hours, I was re­ally tired. I sat down on my bed and had a rest. Then, I started looking out­side. I checked ev­ery bush and dug in the snow, but there was noth­ing. I de­cided to con­tinue looking for the sur­prise to­mor­row.

The next morn­ing, I woke up and started looking for the sur­prise again. The whole day went by very quickly, but still no luck. Five days passed and now, there were only two more days left un­til New Year’s Day. I de­cided not to look for the sur­prise any­more. I was won­der­ing if there even was a sur­prise. I wasn’t ex­cited any­more and thought that my par­ents had played a joke on me. Just then, they came in. “Still couldn’t find it?” asked dad. “Nope,” I said. “Well, you will, soon …” said mom. “Just keep looking and have pa­tience.”

I still wasn’t that ex­cited. How­ever, I de­cided to look for the sur­prise one last time. I looked around ev­ery sin­gle thing in the house, but there was no sur­prise. In my room, I looked at the tro­phies I had won. One was a tro­phy for the best wa­ter-con­ser­va­tion poster. Wait a minute! That’s it! I hadn’t looked in the bath­rooms. I ran as fast as I could to the bath­room. In big let­ters there was an en­ve­lope there that said “SUR­PRISE!” I slowly opened the en­ve­lope. Yes! There were three tick­ets for a cruise around the Caribbean is­lands. I was so, so, so happy. The search was def­i­nitely worth it, and even though there were no presents un­der the tree, I de­cided it was the best Christ­mas I had ever had.

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