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Happy 2010. This year we need to find our core, our cen­ter of grav­ity, and op­er­ate from there as a ma­jor T-square cracks open a new era. We need to be well-cen­tered to stay on track and move for­ward, how­ever rocky the ter­rain.

Th­ese changes be­gan in Novem­ber 2009. We will change and process for the next few years and be­gin to set­tle into a new form in 2015.

Like a trans­porter beam from Star Trek, ma­jor as­pects are tak­ing us from one era of his­tory to an­other. This time in his­tory piv­ots on a change-de­mand­ing Saturn-Uranus op­po­si­tion, which is soon joined by a square to both from evo­lu­tion­ary Pluto. We started to leave the old era as this as­pect first hit on Elec­tion Day, 2008. We de­con­structed the old sys­tems, ad­justed, mu­tated, ne­go­ti­ated, and re­newed all through 2009. And now we take our trans­for­ma­tion to the next level as it be­comes ex­act again on April 26, 2010, and July 26, 2010. Next year we will be­gin to see where we’ve landed, though our cul­ture res­onates with one evo­lu­tion­ary as­pect af­ter an­other through 2014.

This year, struc­tural Saturn and change-mak­ing Uranus shift from the adapt­able, mu­ta­ble signs of Virgo and Pisces into the proac­tive, dy­namic car­di­nal signs Libra and Aries and then form an un­set­tling T-square with trans­for­ma­tive Pluto in Capricorn. Th­ese three plan­ets also con­nected, though in a dif­fer­ent form, in 1931, at the peak of the de­fla­tion­ary spi­ral of the Great De­pres­sion— and again in the mid-1960s as we stepped deeper into the Viet­namWar, Pres­i­dent John­son de­clared a war on poverty, and the north­east U.S. first en­coun­tered a wide­spread elec­tri­cal black­out.

While this wild astrological earth­quake can break open the po­ten­tial of the fu­ture, it also puts stress on cracks in the cul­ture. Vi­tal loves will only strengthen, but ones that are just out of habit will feel the pres­sure. Any power strug­gle or clash that tempts us to de­mo­nize the op­po­si­tion, to op­press or feel op­pressed, will feel this hot breath. Stress along the fault lines can lit­er­ally shift the ground un­der­neath us— the el­e­ments re­mind us of their pri­mor­dial power. We change, and it can be for the bet­ter if we lead the change in the right di­rec­tion. We’re on a free­dom-loving roller-coaster ride, though some­times free­dom is hav­ing noth­ing left to lose.

Let’s break down the com­po­nent as­pects of this com­pli­cated pat­tern. As Saturn squares Pluto ex­actly (on Jan. 31 and Aug. 21, though we feel it all year long), we may be tested to mis­use our power as oth­ers mis­use theirs, test­ing the power dy­nam­ics of ro­mances and in­ter­na­tional re­la­tions. We will no­tice chal­lenges to our struc­tures, chains of com­mand, ar­chi­tec­ture, and job se­cu­rity, and feel it in our bones and teeth. It’s time to give birth to new forms of power: re­new­able en­ergy, healthy po­lit­i­cal power, and em­pow­ered in­di­vid­ual souls. We need to avoid a temp­ta­tion to waste time ar­gu­ing and in­stead rein­vent our work. Rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing our un­der­stand­ing of au­thor­ity does not just mean chal­leng­ing the old forms; it means re­defin­ing the par­a­digm and tak­ing on re­spon­si­ble lead­er­ship our­selves, even if it is just in our own lives.

We can­not build without a blue­print, and so to help us imag­ine where we are go­ing, 2010 in­tro­duces a new vi­sion as Jupiter con­juncts imag­i­na­tive, spir­ited Nep­tune on Dec. 31, 2009, and en­ters Pisces on Jan. 17, 2010. As Nep­tune con­juncts Ch­i­ron on Feb. 10, it of­fers us a chance to com­post our pain to fer­til­ize spir­i­tual or creative growth. We may hit a spir­i­tual or philo­sophic cri­sis if we

have not kept our spir­i­tual path in­te­grated and alive, but this cri­sis is a chance to heal our soul and all we do to sup­port it. All this soggy Nep­tune en­ergy can leave us flooded or afloat early in the year; watch for wa­ter dam­age and keep a dream jour­nal. Jupiter in Pisces asks us to seek our free­dom in Pis­cean imagination and sen­si­tiv­ity to the spir­i­tual pulse.

As Saturn dances be­tween Libra and Virgo this year, it re­minds us that it takes hard work to cre­ate beau­ti­ful dreams and healthy egal­i­tar­ian part­ner­ships. We get the vi­sion, go back to do the home­work, and then sort the re­sults. On Jan. 16, Saturn ret­ro­grades in Libra. It re-en­ters Virgo on April 7, turns di­rect on May 31, and re-en­ters Libra on July 22. By the fall, we’ll as­sess which new creative projects and love in­ter­ests are bear­ing fruit and which aren’t.

Jupiter pumps up the vol­ume on what­ever it touches as it squaredances with Uranus all year, in­ten­si­fy­ing our po­ten­tial for change. Uranus en­ters Aries on May 27, Jupiter en­ters it on June 6, and they con­junct on June 10, of­fer­ing a taste of the fu­ture. They both ret­ro­grade back into Pisces (Uranus on Aug. 10; Jupiter on Sept. 8), are con­junct again on Sept. 18, and then do this dance in re­verse in 2011. We can ex­pect tech­no­log­i­cal break­throughs that re­ally rede­fine our way of op­er­at­ing. Th­ese plan­ets to­gether can speed up the rate of change and em­power the youth, but they may leave us feel­ing unan­chored.

As Uranus en­ters Aries on May 27, it feeds the rev­o­lu­tion­ary spirit of the world and gives birth to in­no­va­tion. We want to do things our way, avoid the rule book, and push hori­zons. Old tra­di­tions may be tem­po­rar­ily ig­nored un­less they’re re­stated afresh. The whole cul­tural cen­ter of grav­ity shifts to a younger fo­cus, but we will still need to learn from the past to avoid fa­mil­iar mis­takes. If we feel a new gen­er­a­tional gap, let’s bridge it rather than fight it; let’s em­power the next gen­er­a­tion while hon­or­ing the unique wis­dom of the pre­vi­ous one.

A lu­nar eclipse on June 26 and a so­lar eclipse on July 11 can help us break into the next level of our work or per­sonal evo­lu­tion, but we will have to take per­sonal re­spon­si­bil­ity for the change. Let’s work to­ward a po­ten­tial break­through around July 30 as Jupiter, the moon, and Uranus con­junct in Aries, all op­pose Saturn con­junct Mars in Libra, and all square Pluto in Capricorn. This could be an ex­plo­sive time or a turn­ing point, as it puts pres­sure on in­ter­na­tional war zones and per­sonal re­la­tion­ships alike. It will re­quire lead­er­ship without op­pres­sion, not just re­bel­lious re­ac­tion. We need to be true to our­selves and also real with one an­other; ap­pre­ci­ate the glo­ri­ous­ness of all we do. And let’s not give into the il­lu­sion that any­one other than our­selves can hold us back.

In the fall of 2010, Mars forms sev­eral dy­namic as­pects to add spark to our life, en­er­gize us (what­ever di­rec­tion we’re headed), and fin­ish the year with a dy­namic, propul­sive Mars-Pluto con­junc­tion on Dec. 13. So we’d bet­ter make sure we’re headed in a good di­rec­tion. 2010 is po­ten­tial-packed; if we can work dy­nam­i­cally within our con­straints, we can break through bar­ri­ers and bring light to for­merly dark cor­ners. But we need to move for­ward with in­tegrity and spir­i­tual con­nec­tion; what hap­pens to the least one of us hap­pens to us all.

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