Who’s the blowhard?

Pasatiempo - - Dear Pasa -

Af­ter read­ing your re­view of Pizza Cen­tro [Restau­rant Re­view, Jan. 1], I knew I had to try this new ad­di­tion to the Santa Fe pizza scene. I did— and you were ab­so­lutely right. It is very good pizza. But I have to take um­brage with the last para­graph of your re­view. When Patsy’s Pizza opened in Santa Fe, they billed them­selves as “New York Pizza.” It was any­thing but New York pizza, as I wrote to you in my let­ter at that time. I feel the last para­graph of your re­view is aimed at peo­ple like me— ex-New York­ers who are in­sulted by pizza restau­rants that loosely de­scribe their of­fer­ings as New York pizza. If you use that term, you bet­ter bring the goods. Which, up un­til now, has not hap­pened. It’s ab­surd of you to say “Let’s cel­e­brate what we have and leave the nit­pick­ing to folks who seem hap­pier when com­plain­ing about what they left be­hind when they moved here.” No one is com­plain­ing about lo­cal pizza that makes no other claim. It’s only when a pizza busi­ness al­leges to be some­thing it’s not that I have to take pen to pa­per. I am not a “nit­picker”— I hap­pily left New York for the won­der­ful South­west. I would feel the same way if I went back to New York and ate an “au­then­tic tamale” that tasted like corn bread with meat on it. So be­fore you in­sult your read­ers, maybe you should con­sider ex­actly what we are grum­bling about. We “blowhards” from New York only want what is ad­ver­tised. Fran Kip­nes

Santa Fe

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