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Cana­dian) with a bit of ug­li­ness, and I’m not just talk­ing about the cover art: “The Chil­dren” is a tune high­lighted by a slur­ring, stomp­ing beat and dis­torted, tragic-sound­ing vo­cals. But don’t judge this book by the cover, or even the first chap­ter. For the most part, Odd Blood is a bold, vi­brant homage to 1980s pop and 2000s fu­tur­ism. “Am­bling Amp” holds life-af­firm­ing lyrics like “You must stick up for your­self, son / Never mind what any­body else done” over a hop­scotch­ing, reg­gae-tinted beat. “I Re­mem­ber” is the kind of epic ra­dio bal­lad that is rarely at­tempted any­more— just try to not sing along with the “You’re stuck in my mind all the time” cho­rus af­ter a few lis­tens. That’s fol­lowed by the ping-pong per­cus­sion and bounc­ing bass of “O.N.E.,” a song that would be a high point of any al­bum. If you re­mem­ber Cul­ture Club, Era­sure, or Du­ran Du­ran, then you’ll get the idea here. The sec­ond half of the record isn’t as in­spired as the first, pop­u­lated by the kind of warmed-over Prince-style stuff that Of Montreal is cur­rently do­ing much bet­ter, but Odd Blood’s Side A is a killer. — Robert Ben­ziker Odd Blood (Se­cretly This al­bum opens

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