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Eye­lid Movies (Bar­suk Records) “You’ve got a mouth­ful of di­a­monds and a pock­et­ful of se­crets / I know you’re never telling any­one, be­cause the pat­terns, they con­trol your mind.” Who gives a did­dly what it means, re­ally, when the glitchy elec­tronic drum and synth loops, hip-hoppy bass grooves, and heav­enly har­mo­nized fe­male voices sur­round­ing this lyric on Eye­lid Movies’ open­ing track, “Mouth­ful of Di­a­monds,” sound so bloody good. Ru­ral up­state New York duo Phan­togram (Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel) paints its elec­tropop with var­i­ous shades of se­duc­tive­ness, dark hu­mor, and quasi-psychedel­ica, and the re­sult is an 11-track CD of mostly very dance­able elec­tro strange­ness that be­longs in ev­ery ad­ven­tur­ous night­club DJ’s col­lec­tion. The third track, “Turn It Off,” with its herky-jerky sam­ples and Carter’s mum­ble-grum­ble croon, is the CD’s finest dance-floor-ready con­tri­bu­tion, while the al­bum closer, “10,000 Claps,” plays more like a failed ex­per­i­ment in­volv­ing a sloth, too much Am­bien, and in­stru­ments left in the mu­sic room of a con­demned preschool. Eye­lid Movies is far from cere­bral, but that doesn’t mean ev­ery cut is a slice of booty-shakin’ heaven. Nev­er­the­less, the duo de­liv­ers a gen­er­ous chunk of fun off­set by just enough shoegazer weird­ness to keep things in­ter­est­ing. But that last track has to go. — Rob DeWalt

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