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Crazy Heart, al­co­holic coun­try-singer tale, rated R, Re­gal DeVar­gas, 2.5 chiles When a movie of­fers you a cou­ple of hours with a drunk, he bet­ter be a charmer. And even then, it’s a gam­ble — we’ve all known charm­ing drunks, but a lit­tle can go a long way. For­tu­nately, Crazy Heart has Jeff Bridges, who brings enough charm and vet­eran tal­ent to the role to al­most make it worth­while.

Bad Blake (Bridges) is an ag­ing coun­try singer now trav­el­ing the bumpy down­hill road of a washed-up, bro­ken-down ca­reer. He plays saloons and bowl­ing al­leys in dusty lit­tle towns with pickup bands and audiences mostly made up of older fans who re­mem­ber him from the days when he was a head­liner, pack­ing con­cert venues and sell­ing records. Now he drives alone from gig to gig in a sta­tion wagon that’s about as beat up as he is, with a bot­tle and a cig­a­rette for his only com­pan­ions and no fu­ture but the echoes of his past.

One town is pretty much like an­other, un­til he rolls into Santa Fe. There, as a fa­vor to the pi­ano player in the bar where he’s work­ing, he agrees to an in­ter­view with the guy’s niece, who writes for the pa­per. They meet, and a spark is kin­dled in his pick­led old heart and her fresh young one. Ro­mance blos­soms be­tween Bad and Jean (Mag­gie Gyl­len­haal) de­spite the chasm in their ages and cir­cum­stances. (Hers: she is beau­ti­ful, 30ish, grounded, and a sin­gle mother. His: see above.) Why does this

Bridges over trou­bled wa­ters: Jeff Bridges and Robert Du­vall

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