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We’ll need good psy­chic hy­giene to han­dle the com­ing month as we pad­dle through pools of emo­tion while the sun joins Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter in Pisces. Pisces en­ergy is sub­tle, murky, and com­plex; it speaks of the col­lec­tive, oceanic sub­con­scious, an ocean that seeps into our dreams and leaves us awash in ar­che­typal im­ages.

This week we be­come un­usu­ally aware that we’re all in­ter­con­nected— by dreams, the econ­omy, and ecol­ogy. We can feel di­min­ished en­ergy and might be more sen­si­tive to al­ler­gens, germs, and in­va­sive peo­ple, but we are also po­ten­tially more aware and creative.

Most of us will just feel soft. Some will be­come aware that sep­a­ra­tion is an il­lu­sion. Oth­ers re­act to this per­me­abil­ity by ar­mor­ing up. It helps to know what is­sues are ours and what are theirs; yes, we’re all con­nected, but we are re­spon­si­ble for our own con­tri­bu­tions.

This Pisces en­ergy re­minds us how sub­tle and com­pli­cated the truth is. Watch for a ten­dency to over­sim­plify or lie to make the truth more palat­able; this is the shadow side of Pisces.

Get into the body this week­end to stay strong and cen­tered. Rest well and in­dulge the senses. Tough as­pects early in the week can leave us nervy and spread thin but help us mul­ti­task. Com­mu­ni­ca­tions and trans­porta­tion can get slug­gish or con­fus­ing; it will take some peo­ple time to get to the point.

Later in the week we get a whiff of spring­time in our minds as the sun con­juncts Jupiter and brings fresh pos­si­bil­i­ties. Fri­day, Feb. 19: An earthy Taurus moon in­vites us to cud­dle or dig our heels in. If we stop push­ing and start lis­ten­ing with our hearts, the flow gets go­ing as the moon trines Pluto mid­day. Evening calls for com­fort and food for the senses. Satur­day, Feb. 20: Sleep in or move slow this morn­ing. If com­mu­ni­ca­tion is off, just make pan­cakes to­gether. Fi­nan­cial or ma­te­rial se­cu­rity needs at­ten­tion, not worry, mid­day. It’s a moody evening; get feel­ings out without dra­ma­tiz­ing. Sun­day, Feb. 21: A slow and spicy, qui­etly spir­i­tual morn­ing switches to a nervy, in­no­va­tive day as the moon en­ters Gemini mid­day. We are eas­ily dis­tracted; gos­sip flows with rev­e­la­tions. Gen­tly break into new ter­ri­tory. Too much in­for­ma­tion can leave us flooded or in­de­ci­sive; sort for rel­e­vance to­ward long-term goals. Mon­day, Feb. 22: Com­mu­ni­ca­tions glitches abound; Web sites may flicker as Mer­cury forms a mi­nor dif­fi­cult as­pect to Saturn and Pluto. If a co-worker is ob­tuse, change the sub­ject and try in a few days. A void needs fill­ing; a foun­da­tion needs re­build­ing. If de­pres­sive thoughts flow, don’t at­tach to them. Evening brings a clearer per­spec­tive. Tues­day, Feb. 23: We get a lit­tle twitchy be­cause a bal­anced sit­u­a­tion could go re­ally wrong or won­der­fully right while the sun sex­tiles Pluto. Ac­cept com­mon de­nom­i­na­tors to progress on im­por­tant is­sues. The emo­tional wa­ter ta­ble rises this af­ter­noon as the moon en­ters Can­cer; re­as­sur­ance and com­fort are needed tonight to sta­bi­lize events as the moon squares Saturn. Wed­nes­day, Feb. 24: We may need to give up some­thing im­por­tant even though we’re afraid of loss as the Can­cer moon op­poses Pluto. This fear can make us pull back un­nec­es­sar­ily, emo­tion­ally or fi­nan­cially. Each per­son needs to weigh the risk or ben­e­fit, but let’s find a bal­ance and not deny pos­si­bil­ity just to re­duce the risk of loss. Con­cerns may dis­solve in evening’s warmth. Thurs­day, Feb. 25: Gen­tle sub­jec­tiv­ity helps teach­ing, di­ag­no­sis, and heal­ing. If our in­se­cu­ri­ties cir­cle, we can ei­ther pour them into art or fo­cus on some­thing ob­jec­tive. Later, edges roughen on emo­tion­ally charged re­la­tion­ships as the Leo moon con­juncts Mars. ◀

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