The gods must be lazy

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Percy Jack­son & the Olympians: The Light­ning Thief, fan­tasy, rated PG, Re­gal Sta­dium 14, 1.5 chiles Good morn­ing, Up­per East Siders! Gos­sip Girl here. Spot­ted, on top of the Em­pire State Build­ing: Z and P hav­ing a lit­tle tiff, prov­ing that New York is not the city of broth­erly love. That’s Zeus and Po­sei­don, for all you noobs, and the sib­ling ri­valry was sparked be­cause Zeus’ light­ning bolt is miss­ing, and Po­sei­don’s son is sus­pect num­ber one. But is the son of the sea god guilty, or is that the­ory all wet? And who am I? That’s one se­cret I’ll never tell.

Oh man, could you imag­ine? The Greek gods were the orig­i­nal soap opera! Fam­ily feuds, death and re­birth, vices, jeal­ousy, promis­cu­ity, in­fi­delity, and OMG, Hera just put Ar­gos in charge of watch­ing Io— you go, girl! One could ar­gue that not only did the Greeks give birth to civ­i­liza­tion and democ­racy, they also helped bring about Guid­ing Light, Mel­rose Place, and even Gos­sip Girl.

At first, Percy Jack­son seems as if it could be the D’Au­laires’ or Bullfinch’s take on that CW show. It cen­ters on the chil­dren of Greek gods, who go to

Snakes alive, what a playlist: Uma Thur­man and Lo­gan Lerman

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