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As the week­end be­gins,

we may still feel awash in slushy weather or feel­ings, tired of be­ing needy, un­der the weather, or at the mercy of the fates. Over the last few weeks, com­plex and thought­ful dreamy as­pects have en­cour­aged us to chew over our lives and dream of pos­si­bil­i­ties. Th­ese dreams may have pre­cip­i­tated a sub­tle shift in how we per­ceive our­selves or our work as the sun, Venus, Mer­cury, Jupiter, and Uranus lined up in re­cep­tive, per­me­able Pisces.

Those dreams now be­gin to change as Venus heads into fresh, ren­o­vat­ing Aries on Sun­day, bring­ing in a more can-do ap­proach. Venus in Aries also trines Mars in Leo— th­ese two plan­ets of emo­tion work to­gether in en­er­gized fire signs to give us a ma­jor green light but take away our pa­tience. If we’re in a sit­u­a­tion that drains our en­ergy, we get fed up and start plan­ning the revo­lu­tion. There’s no need to hurry— we’ll have more gump­tion over the next few weeks as Mer­cury and the sun en­ter Aries, but the im­pulse to change be­gins now.

As the week­end be­gins, let moody peo­ple un­wind in their own ways; go for ac­cep­tance and not in­ti­macy. We’re ready to make con­nec­tions over the week­end but have a short at­ten­tion span; we need a break and get fur­ther if we make the work play­ful. Venus forms a tough as­pect as the week pro­gresses and sug­gests that to make progress on one road, we have to say good­bye to an­other. First, check to see if both paths can be wo­ven to­gether. But the fork in the road may be real and need to be faced be­fore we progress.

Fri­day, March 5:

Dis­con­tent can rat­tle us and make us clumsy but a shift is pos­si­ble if we find one thing that works this af­ter­noon as the Scorpio moon trines Uranus. Later, we get eas­ily in­flamed and out of sorts if pressed but can re­con­nect in­di­rectly later on if given enough room.

Satur­day, March 6:

The day is wan­der­ing and so­cia­ble. We need a break from pres­sures and muck­ing about in our psy­ches. Chance meet­ings or spon­ta­neous mo­ments re­new us. Don’t take any com­mu­ni­ca­tions glitches se­ri­ously around din­ner­time; gen­er­ous spir­its re­turn later.

Sun­day, March 7:

The day is ripe with pos­si­bil­i­ties as long as we don’t ask peo­ple to be too prac­ti­cal or spe­cific. Let’s shine our light but keep it hon­est as Venus trines Mars and Mer­cury con­juncts Jupiter; an il­lu­sion of lim­i­ta­tion is ready to dis­solve. It may be time to broad­cast what we care about while still hon­or­ing what works for oth­ers.

Mon­day, March 8:

Hit the ground run­ning this morn­ing; make con­tacts early and at­tend to some wait­ing ur­gency. Mid­day, cut to the chase as the moon en­ters Capricorn and con­juncts Pluto. Get to the hard work.

Tues­day, March 9:

Struc­tural work is needed to sup­port creative en­ter­prise. Bur­dens can make it dif­fi­cult to be warm and fuzzy as Venus op­poses Saturn. Sup­port one an­other’s ef­forts. When un­der stress, re­main po­lite and pro­fes­sional.

Wed­nes­day, March 10:

It’s a pro­duc­tive morn­ing. Where ef­forts were stuck th­ese last few days, try again. Peo­ple are more will­ing when they un­der­stand the point. Co­op­er­ate with a fo­cused goal, but re­sist busy work. The af­ter­noon is friendly, but stub­born­ness can bruise feel­ings this evening.

Thurs­day, March 11:

We have no time for trivia. Prac­ti­cal work is pro­duc­tive, but emo­tions can be all over the place as Venus squares Pluto. We long for some­thing we can’t have and cause need­less pain just for an emo­tional charge. Reach out in some real com­pas­sion­ate action.

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