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Once a year the sun con­juncts cat­alytic Uranus, shifts our gears, and pushes us out of our safety zone. Get ready to rock and roll next week as the sun, Mer­cury, and Uranus con­junct.

But first th­ese plan­ets align around the Pisces new moon. Pisces draws us in­ward to re­store our spirit, heart, and body and asks us to clean up un­fin­ished work be­fore we launch into spring. It re­minds us that our world is com­plex, in­ter­de­pen­dent, and of­ten messy; there are no sim­ple an­swers for Pisces. Pisces sup­ports a mys­ti­cal un­der­stand­ing and in­clu­sive at­ti­tude.

We would prob­a­bly drift away, but Venus and Mars trine in fire signs and add pas­sion and emo­tional torque to all we do. This week, we can cope. We rebel against op­pres­sive sit­u­a­tions or rail against an im­posed re­straint — while this may not be wise, at least it gets us mov­ing. Re­la­tion­ships need a sen­si­tive and con­nected touch with lots of room for self-re­al­iza­tion.

As the week­end be­gins, we re­al­ize we lost an op­por­tu­nity when we were off dream­ing or feel a flash of emo­tional pain that re­minds us of our pri­or­i­ties. We may be able to see the big arcs of fate, but the way to get there may be ob­fus­cated as Venus squares Pluto.

Wa­ter rises this week­end as the moon con­juncts the sun, Jupiter, Mer­cury, and Uranus in wa­tery Pisces. Watch for fog and flood dam­age, tear­ing eyes, and spilled cups of tea. An emo­tional del­uge can rinse out old ways and help us release some il­lu­sion or bad habit that holds us back.

In this flood, hon­esty can be a rel­a­tive thing. Prac­tice re­tain­ing healthy bound­aries. Any­thing can and will hap­pen mid­week as the moon and Mer­cury en­ter Aries while the sun con­juncts change-mas­ter Uranus. Let life be fresh and new. Pitch an in­no­va­tive idea. We could drop ev­ery­thing and move to Europe, but let’s not over­shoot. Make the min­i­mum changes nec­es­sary, and don’t throw out what’s dear and valu­able.

Fri­day, March 12: The day is so­cia­ble, but frus­tra­tions around din­ner­time de­mand hu­mor. Re­spon­si­bil­i­ties are laced with con­flict­ing feel­ings. The com­mu­nity can sup­port us through mood swings and weird feel­ings as the Aquarius moon con­juncts Nep­tune.

Satur­day, March 13: The morn­ing is moody and low-key; liq­uids mis­be­have as the dark­en­ing moon en­ters Pisces. No mat­ter how im­pa­tient we get, feel­ings are too raw for us to push; keep the mood safe, sup­port­ive, and dreamy.

Sun­day, March 14: Take part in a cer­e­mony to let go of un­pro­duc­tive blue­prints and to call in fresh new ones. It’s an ex­pan­sive af­ter­noon. In the late evening, sen­si­tiv­i­ties can make us edgy and re­ac­tive.

Mon­day, March 15: The dream changes or cat­alyzes as Mer­cury, Uranus, the sun, and the moon con­junct in Pisces. Ex­per­i­ment first in the imag­i­na­tive realm, and then make things hap­pen.

Tues­day, March 16: We want a clear path and our own sat­is­fy­ing work to do. The mood is volatile; count to five be­fore re­spond­ing. Po­lit­i­cal rebels and will­ful chil­dren wres­tle as the Aries moon op­poses Saturn and squares Pluto. Try not to dom­i­nate or be dom­i­nated.

Wed­nes­day, March 17: Ex­per­i­ment. Sup­port one an­other’s ac­tions, but don’t try to work in tan­dem with them. Elec­tri­cal bursts or ex­plo­sions are pos­si­ble. Fight­ing words spark tonight; dance rather than fight as Mer­cury trines Mars.

Thurs­day, March 18: Doubts re­turn, but we can ham­mer out lo­gis­tics for new plans as Mer­cury op­poses Saturn. Com­mu­ni­ca­tions ig­nite mid­day. There is greater in­for­ma­tion or un­der­stand­ing tonight as the moon trines Pluto and stirs our mem­o­ries.

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