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A woman ( Ju­lianne Moore) sus­pects that her hus­band (Liam Nee­son) is cheat­ing, so she hires a young pros­ti­tute (Amanda Seyfried) to se­duce him. What ensues is a mild vari­a­tion of Fa­tal At­trac­tion with a Sap­phic twist. This is an artsy, pre­ten­tious sex­ual thriller, di­rected by Atom Egoyan, that im­me­di­ately calls to mind those di­rect-to-video erotic films of the 1990s star­ring Tanya Roberts, Shan­non Tweed, and An­drew Stevens. Moore does what she can with the shal­low role as­signed her; the rest of the cast mostly makes con­cerned or crazy faces as they slog through the non­sense. Rated R. 96 min­utes. Re­gal DeVar­gas, Santa Fe. (Robert Nott)

Take my hus­band, please: Amanda Seyfried and Ju­lianne Moore in Chloe, at Re­gal DeVar­gas in Santa Fe

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