Abra­ham Lin­coln: Vam­pire Hunter

Pasatiempo - - In Other Words - by Seth Gra­hame-Smith, Grand Cen­tral Pub­lish­ing/Ha­chette Book Group, 336 pages

It fig­ures — ev­ery time some­body gets the bright idea to team dis­parate el­e­ments — say, Ab­bott and Costello and Franken­stein — to turn out a crowd-pleas­ing book or movie, the creators have to try to top it with an inane fol­low-up. Seth Gra­hame-Smith won over both Jane Austen fans and hor­ror devo­tees with Pride and Prej­u­dice and

Zom­bies, in which Austen char­ac­ters in­clud­ing Mr. Darcy and the Ben­net sis­ters fight off the liv­ing dead via kick­box­ing rou­tines.

Here, Gra­hame-Smith’s no­tion that Abe Lin­coln was a vam­pire killer is a catchy set-up, but af­ter some in­trigu­ing, can’t-wait-to-turn-the-page busi­ness, the novel set­tles into a rep­e­ti­tious saga in which Abe and his pals be­head or stake one vam­pire af­ter an­other. Over time, we learn that there are good vam­pires and bad vam­pires and that con­flicts be­tween th­ese two fac­tions led to the Civil War. There’s lit­tle sus­pense or hor­ror, though the book has dark touches of hu­mor and some amus­ing il­lus­tra­tions that would be at home within the pages of Weekly World News. But over­all, the novel is col­or­less.

— Robert Nott

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