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and his wife of al­most 50 years (Helen Mir­ren). The third point of the triangle is Chertkov (Paul Gia­matti), who wants Tol­stoy’s work for the pub­lic do­main. Rated R. 110 min­utes. Re­gal DeVargas, Santa Fe. ( Jonathan Richards)

M. HU­LOT’S HOL­I­DAY This clas­sic French com­edy, re­leased in 1953, fea­tures one of the sub­lime cre­ations of cin­ema, Jac­ques Tati’s im­mor­tal Mon­sieur Hu­lot, an ami­able, bum­bling fel­low with long legs, a springy step, and a cheer­ful coun­te­nance who man­ages to sow mild chaos wher­ever he goes — in this case, a lit­tle French sea­side re­sort. Tati was an enor­mous in­flu­ence on later film­mak­ers, French and oth­er­wise. There’s a lit­tle unim­por­tant di­a­logue; this is al­most a silent com­edy, in the spirit of Chap­lin and Keaton. Not rated. 87 min­utes. In French with a few sub­ti­tles.

CCA Cine­math­eque, Santa Fe. ( Jonathan Richards) A NIGHT­MARE ON ELM STREET I dreamed the other night that the guy who di­rected the video for Nir­vana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” re­made A Night­mare on Elm Street as a dreary mys­tery. Jackie Earle Ha­ley played Freddy Krueger, and de­spite his cre­den­tials as an Os­carnom­i­nated ac­tor, he lacked the ma­li­cious screen pres­ence of Robert Englund in the role. The movie wasn’t just bad, it was bor­ing: while watch­ing teenagers strug­gle to stay awake for 95 min­utes, the au­di­ence could cer­tainly sym­pa­thize. And the worst thing is — it wasn’t even scary! Wait, this wasn’t a dream? It was a real movie? Aaaagh!!! Rated R. 95 min­utes.

Re­gal Sta­dium 14, Santa Fe; Dream Catcher, Es­pañola; Sto­ry­teller, Taos. (Robert Ben­ziker)

OCEANS The lat­est film in the Dis­ney­na­ture doc­u­men­tary line (af­ter last year’s Earth) takes us un­der the sea. De­spite the big mouse ears on the ti­tle screen, there are no sing­ing crabs down here; just nar­ra­tion by Pierce Bros­nan and a whole lot of ma­jes­tic footage of the ecosys­tems that hu­mans are swiftly de­stroy­ing. Co-di­rected by Jac­ques Cluzaud and Jac­ques Perrin, the guys who gave us Winged Mi­gra­tion. Rated G. 103 min­utes. Re­gal Sta­dium 14,

Santa Fe; Dream Catcher, Es­pañola; Sto­ry­teller, Taos. (Not re­viewed)

THE SE­CRET OF KELLS This an­i­mated film cen­ters on a young boy who sets out to com­plete the Book of Kells and fights Vik­ings and a ser­pent god along the way. It was nom­i­nated for a 2010 Academy Award for Best An­i­mated Fea­ture but didn’t reach Amer­i­can the­aters un­til re­cently. Satur­day and Sun­day, May 15 and 16, only. Not rated. 75 min­utes.

CCA Cine­math­eque, Santa Fe. (Not re­viewed)

A SIN­GLE MAN This de­but from fashion de­signer Tom Ford re­counts a day in the life of Ge­orge (Colin Firth), a lit­er­a­ture pro­fes­sor mourn­ing the death of his long­time lover (Matthew Goode). The film is metic­u­lously tai­lored and beau­ti­fully styled — some­times overly so — but it’s also heart­break­ing. Rated R. 101 min­utes. CCA Cine­math­eque, Santa Fe. (Lau­rel Glad­den)

Ms. Ca­pulet, don’t tear down this wall: Vanessa Red­grave and Amanda Seyfried in

at Re­gal Sta­dium 14 in Santa Fe and Dream­Catcher in Es­pañola

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