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the­aters un­til re­cently. Satur­day and Sun­day, May 22 and 23, only. Not rated. 75 min­utes. CCA Cine­math­eque, Santa Fe. (Not re­viewed) VIN­CERE Marco Bel­loc­chio’s movie tells the story of Mus­solini’s se­cret wife and son, whom the Fas­cist dic­ta­tor had com­mit­ted to asy­lums when they proved in­con­ve­nient. Giovanna Mez­zo­giorno plays the re­jected Ida Dalser with sear­ing in­ten­sity, and Filippo Timi is pow­er­ful and ver­sa­tile in dual roles as Mus­solini and his son. The film is op­er­atic, some­times hope­lessly con­fus­ing, and over the top but still com­pelling and vis­ually sump­tu­ous. It is not so much in­her­ently great as it de­mands to be great. That makes for an un­even ride but earns its right to our at­ten­tion. Not rated. 128 min­utes. In Ital­ian with sub­ti­tles. The Screen, Santa Fe. (Jonathan Richards) THE WIND JOUR­NEYS Against the back­drop of Colom­bia’s jun­gles, moun­tains, and desert, Ig­na­cio (Mar­ciano Martínez) and his teenage ta­ga­long Fer­min (Yull Núñez) travel, pen­ni­less, to re­turn a cursed ac­cor­dion. Shot in more than 80 lo­ca­tions in Colom­bia, the film serves as a sur­real Na­tional Geo­graphic-style guide to the coun­try, set to a blis­ter­ing sound­track of Caribbean val­lenato and cumbia. Not rated. 117 min­utes. In Span­ish, Palen­quero, Ikun, and Wayu­u­naiki with sub­ti­tles. CCA Cine­math­eque, Santa Fe. (Casey Sanchez)

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