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In­ter-Be (Jag­jaguwar) An aubade is mu­sic for the early morn­ing, of­ten about lovers sep­a­rat­ing at dawn. The genre has waxed and waned through­out the cen­turies, but it has made one surge of a come­back on this new record by Minneapolis duo Peter Wolf Crier. Recorded in late-night, one-take ses­sions, In­ter-Be is full of post­punk dirges, fuzzed-out gui­tars, har­mo­nized howls, and syn­co­pated per­cus­sion. Sound­ing like the work of a surf-rock band gone to seed, “Hard as Nails” is a sprawl­ing mess of gui­tar re­verb that builds to a fevered pitch as vo­cal­ist Peter Pisano lets out a se­ries of high bari­tone wails. The band doesn’t so much com­bine gen­res as run its hands through them and tosses them into the air — as it does in “Un­ti­tled 101,” which huffs in syn­co­pated in­dus­trial-mu­sic synths and bar­room pi­ano riffs to cre­ate a type of ur­ban ghost mu­sic. The songs are haunt­ing with­out any be­la­bored at­tempt to sound so. Imag­ine the White Stripes if they were try­ing to score a Hitch­cock film. At its best, this al­bum plays like the sound­track to a mod­ern-day noir, draw­ing in equal mea­sures from 12-bar blues, garage rock, and freak folk. As late-night desert driv­ing mu­sic, it’s both chill­ing, plea­sur­able, and un­ex­pect­edly rhyth­mic. — Casey Sanchez

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