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Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are back as cow­boy Woody and space­man Buzz in what should be the run­away hit of a lack­lus­ter sum­mer. This time, Andy goes off to col­lege, and leaves his beloved toys be­hind. They end up in a day-care cen­ter, where com­edy and ad­ven­ture break out be­fore heart­strings are in­evitably pulled. Oh yeah, it’s in 3-D, too. Rated G. 103 min­utes. Screens in 3-D and 2-D at

Re­gal Sta­dium 14, Santa Fe. Screens in 3-D only at Dream­Catcher, Es­pañola; Reel Deal, Los Alamos; Sto­ry­teller, Taos. (Not re­viewed)

Cow­boys and aliens: Toy Story 3, at Re­gal Sta­dium 14 in Santa Fe and Dream­Catcher in Es­pañola

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