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In a mod­ern rock scene marked by dis­af­fected hip­sters calmly nav­i­gat­ing the bl­o­go­sphere and gain­ing mo­men­tum through mes­sage boards, Delta Spirit is a breath of smoky, beer-soaked, greasy­pub-food air. It’s a rock band in the clas­sic sense, and not just be­cause of its foun­da­tion in soul and roots mu­sic: singer Matt Vasquez is quick to dis­cuss the bond of friend­ship the mu­si­cians share, their love of tour­ing, even the ef­fects of whiskey on his vo­cal cords. Al­though Delta Spirit has re­ceived its share of hype, the South­ern Cal­i­for­nia band is like a pop-mu­sic John Henry, rac­ing out ahead of the In­ter­net to win fans the old-fash­ioned way: one at a time, through live per­for­mance.

When Pasatiempo spoke with Vasquez in ad­vance of Delta Spirit’s per­for­mance at the Santa Fe Brew­ing Com­pany on Tues­day, July 20, the band had just wrapped up a set at the fa­mous Cam­bridge rock club The Mid­dle East the night be­fore. “We went

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