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De­bra Granik’s lean, gritty, and some­times shock­ingly vi­o­lent odyssey of search and sur­vival in the poor­est back­woods of the Ozarks won this year’s Grand Jury Prize at Sun­dance. Ree Dolly, played with ma­ture tough­ness by 19-year-old new­comer Jen­nifer Lawrence, must find her missing fa­ther if she’s to keep the ramshackle home where she takes care of her lit­tle sis­ter and brother and her men­tally ab­sent mother. This is law­less, meth-cook­ing coun­try; and the fam­ily and neigh­bors she goes to for help of­fer pre­cious lit­tle help or truth; but there’s not a false moment, or a false step from the pitch-per­fect cast. The film is based on the novel by Daniel Woodrell. Rated R. 99 min­utes.

Re­gal DeVargas, Santa Fe. ( Jonathan Richards)

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