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CAR­NI­VAL IN THE NIGHT Di­rec­tor Masashi Ya­mamoto’s 1982 film shot in grainy 16 mm with am­a­teur ac­tors por­tray­ing ab­stract sketches of them­selves could be con­sid­ered the Liq­uid Sky of Ja­pan’s first gen­er­a­tion of punk rock­ers: it’s vile, an­ar­chic, ni­hilis­tic, and for any­one har­bor­ing an ounce of gen­uine punk ethos, well worth the price of ad­mis­sion. Kumi (Ku­miko Ota) leads a dou­ble life, rais­ing her son alone while liv­ing an ex­is­ten­tial­ist’s sur­real dream among seedy el­e­ments of the punk/New Wave clubs in Tokyo’s Shin­juku ward. Kumi’s fate be­comes tied to that of a mad bomber, a gay hus­tler, a band of rapists, and a psy­chotic drunk who likes to burn money. 8 p.m. Sun­day, Aug. 8, only. Q&A with pro­ducer Tet­suki Ijichi fol­lows screen­ing. Not rated. 108 min­utes. In Ja­panese with sub­ti­tles.

Santa Fe. (Rob DeWalt) COCO CHANEL & IGOR STRAVIN­SKY Based on the book by Chris Green­halgh and di­rected by Jan Kounen, this film imag­ines a pur­ported af­fair be­tween the famed Rus­sian com­poser (Mads Mikkelsen) and the iconic French fashion de­signer (Anna Mouglalis) of the ti­tle. It’s al­lur­ing and cap­ti­vat­ing, thanks to gor­geous cin­e­matog­ra­phy, set­tings, and cos­tumes. The ac­tors em­body their char­ac­ters nicely and do well with the limited ma­te­rial they’re given. But be­neath its glam­orous sur­face, the film is life­less and unin­spir­ing. Rated R. 120 min­utes. In French and Rus­sian with sub­ti­tles, Re­gal DeVargas, Santa Fe. (Lau­rel Glad­den) See re­view, Page 62

COUNT­DOWN TO ZERO There are some­thing like 23,000 nu­clear weapons in the hands of var­i­ous states — and the ma­te­rial and know-how for ter­ror­ists to make many more. As things stand now, the ques­tion is not whether nu­clear weapons will be used on a ma­jor city again but when. Lucy Walker’s pow­er­ful film makes the case that we must de­mand elim­i­na­tion of all nukes. As lead­ers from Rea­gan and Gor­bachev to Obama and Medvedev agree, this is not a par­ti­san is­sue; it’s an is­sue of global sur­vival. For­mer un­der­cover CIA coun­ter­pro­lif­er­a­tion op­er­a­tive Va­lerie Plame Wil­son in­tro­duces the film at the Fri­day, Aug. 6, screen­ing and CCA ben­e­fit. Rated PG. 90 min­utes.

CCA Cine­math­eque, Santa Fe. (Jonathan Richards)

See re­view, Page 62.

THE KILLER IN­SIDE ME Casey Af­fleck mas­ter­fully in­vokes in­no­cence and mal­ice in his portrayal of soul­less law­man Lou Ford, a fel­low who starts a mess of trou­ble and makes it messier and messier in his at­tempts to get out of it. Di­rec­tor Michael Win­ter­bot­tom’s slice of post­war noir, based on the Jim Thomp­son novel, was par­tially shot in New Mex­ico, with vivid col­ors and an ob­jec­tive eye on its aw­ful an­ti­hero. Be warned: there are two scenes of ugly, un­flinch­ing vi­o­lence against women that have greatly up­set some au­di­ences. But if you can han­dle this pic­ture, you won’t soon for­get it. Rated R. 109 min­utes. The Screen, Santa Fe. (Robert B. Ker) See re­view, Page 62.

THE OTHER GUYS Will Fer­rell reteams with co-writer and di­rec­tor Adam McKay for this spoof of buddy-cop movies. Fer­rell and Mark Wahlberg play two po­lice­men who mainly stay in the of­fice and are over­shad­owed by a tough-guy duo played by Sa­muel L. Jack­son and Dwayne “The Rock” John­son. One day, they get their chance to shine. Let’s hope that this McKay/Fer­rell ef­fort is closer in qual­ity to An­chor­man: The Leg­end of Ron Bur­gundy and

Tal­ladega Nights: The Bal­lad of Ricky Bobby than their last one, Step Broth­ers. Rated PG-13. 107 min­utes. Re­gal Sta­dium 14, Santa Fe; Dream­Catcher,

Es­pañola; Sto­ry­teller, Taos. (Not re­viewed)

STEP UP 3D We’re used to see­ing things like toys, dragons, and blue aliens in 3-D, but is the world ready for street danc­ing? Well, step up! It’s not clear what you need to know about this film be­sides “street danc­ing in 3-D,” but it’s di­rected by Jon M. Chu, who also did 2008’s Step Up 2: The Streets. U know U want 2 go. Rated PG-13. 97 min­utes. Screens in 3-D at Re­gal Sta­dium 14, Santa Fe; Dream­Catcher, Es­pañola; Sto­ry­teller, Taos. (Not re­viewed)

Tal­ladega Boo­gie Nights: Will Fer­rell and Mark Wahlberg in The Other Guys at Re­gal Sta­dium 14 in Santa Fe

and Dream­Catcher in Es­pañola

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