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It’s time to work our com­post, rake the leaves, and clear out the de­tri­tus from last year’s flow­ers. Dig deeper than the old mem­o­ries of pain, ache, frus­tra­tion, and lone­li­ness and find the suc­cu­lent roots of strength in chal­lenges faced and over­come. Share that strength with some­one who needs sup­port. Get the yard and the soul’s gar­den ready for fall as Mer­cury sex­tiles Pluto.

Some­times si­lence is best; with Mer­cury, Venus, and Mars now in fo­cused Scor­pio, we have more cu­rios­ity but less in­ter­est in small talk. Speak to fewer peo­ple but go deeper. This work is ini­tially up­staged by Fri­day’s wild full moon in Aries, which can bring out self-cen­tered­ness.

Ac­tive Mars squares in­tu­itive Nep­tune as the week­end be­gins and then trines change-in­sti­gat­ing Uranus next week. When Mars is ac­tive, we tend to be rest­less, but we can put that to good use. This for­ma­tion can help us let go of un­pro­duc­tive or played-out feel­ings but can also trig­ger us to for­get what we’re do­ing.

This week­end, we need to recharge un­der an earthy, tasty Tau­rus moon. The ma­te­rial world — our bod­ies and our gar­dens — needs our at­ten­tion. Tend to the stuff of the world, and feed the senses with fall tastes, touches, and smells.

Fri­day, Oct. 22: Shake it up! We have to do what we have to do to­day. Even if we are im­pa­tient, take ac­tion for the long haul and keep up the pres­sure in­stead of re­belling. Pow­er­ful con­ver­sa­tions, hid­den clues, and pen­e­trat­ing in­sights come in flashes, but it’s hard to see the big pic­ture. As the full moon peaks at 7:36 p.m., find safe ways to howl.

Satur­day, Oct. 23: Move slowly, feed the senses, and let the wells re­fill. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion glitches are likely as the moon op­poses Mer­cury this morn­ing; ac­tion ex­presses more than words. Low-key put­ter­ing helps. Com­fort and se­cu­rity are pri­or­i­tized this evening. All is calm if we are se­cure; jeal­ousy can twist tails.

Sun­day, Oct. 24: Willpower is strong and solid, but we are un­will­ing to back down, so avoid clashes. Mars trines Uranus and loans us in­ge­nu­ity and flex­i­bil­ity to tackle phys­i­cal prob­lems, but it can make us in­tran­si­gent on the emo­tional ones. Play it safe late tonight as a moon-Mars op­po­si­tion in­creases tem­pers and ac­ci­dents.

Mon­day, Oct. 25: This week­end’s great ideas should be put into ac­tion. This morn­ing, we need to feel our ef­forts are val­ued, or we can get un­co­op­er­a­tive. Cre­ative com­pro­mise per­co­lates this af­ter­noon, though ef­forts can feel dis­jointed; be pa­tient and per­se­vere.

Tues­day, Oct. 26: We are self-suf­fi­cient for the day, though we may doubt it if we take in or say too much and get over­loaded as Mer­cury chal­lenges Jupiter un­der a talk­a­tive Gem­ini moon. Com­pare and con­trast as the sun sex­tiles Pluto. Con­sider all sides this morn­ing; de­ci­sions come later in the day.

Wed­nes­day, Oct. 27: Some peo­ple speak in con­tra­dic­tions or don’t fol­low through on what they have agreed to, and it can leave us lethar­gic or de­pressed as Saturn seq­ui­squares Nep­tune. We may have mixed feel­ings on an im­por­tant de­ci­sion and get emo­tional in re­sponse, but that could clear the air as the Can­cer moon op­poses Pluto later in the day.

Thurs­day, Oct. 28: If there’s ten­sion around some emo­tion­ally charged is­sue, com­mon sense won’t help; it’s all about ac­cep­tance and safety. Ex­treme views are expressed and re­sisted as Mer­cury chal­lenges Uranus — don’t be baited into re­act­ing. Com­mu­ni­ca­tions im­prove but are still guarded mid­day; tonight our hearts warm up and our bod­ies seek com­fort as the sun con­juncts Venus.

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