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Cos­tumes can be wild

this year as an ex­tro­verted Leo moon helps us call up our wilder per­sonas, dance with the skele­tons, and sym­bol­i­cally sweeten the fu­ture as we give sweets to the lit­tle mon­sters at our door.

But for the rest of the week, we re­ally feel Scor­pio’s in­ten­sity and call in­ward with the sun, Mer­cury, and Venus now all in Scor­pio. Oc­ca­sion­ally, we see the scor­pion’s stinger snap when some­one feels cor­nered. Luck­ily, mo­ti­vat­ing Mars has just en­tered rest­less, up­beat Sagit­tar­ius and re­minds us that we can do some­thing about what we see.

Scor­pio can sharpen our fo­cus. With this lineup, it’s easy to for­get the big pic­ture and be­gin to crave one per­son, place, or thing, but this ob­fus­cates what we re­ally need to do to be sat­is­fied. Hint — it’s not more choco­late.

Our ten­dency to over­fo­cus intensifies this week as Mer­cury semisquares Pluto, and im­pulse con­trol can be a prob­lem as the sun sesquisquares elec­tri­cal Uranus. We lose sight of any­thing out­side our small laser of fo­cus; in­side that fo­cus, what­ever we ex­pe­ri­ence can feel in­fi­nite, which is great when we’re danc­ing at a party but hell if we’re ob­sess­ing about a prob­lem.

If we feel stuck, or know some­one who is, we can use the Sagit­tar­ius Mars medicine to help: move­ment, travel, phi­los­o­phy, an­i­mals, and the nat­u­ral world. Re­mem­ber that what­ever it is, good or bad, it will soon change.

This week­end, a party can pro­duc­tively chan­nel our in­ner drama; play it to the hilt but watch for ex­cess. Satur­day we are wild; we are fes­tive as Sun­day be­gins but be­come con­tem­pla­tive later.

Early next week, opin­ions are as preva­lent and in­sub­stan­tial as the leaves we kick. The plan­ets ask us to put aside ex­tremes of feel­ing and look for ob­jec­tive facts. The week’s end brings new av­enues in which to work to­gether.

Fri­day, Oct. 29:

Di­ges­tive sys­tems vi­brate with feel­ing. The morn­ing is gen­er­ous and con­struc­tive and changes mid­day as the Can­cer moon trines Uranus and Jupiter. The night grows wild as the moon en­ters stub­born but so­cia­ble Leo.

Satur­day, Oct. 30:

Introversion and ex­tro­ver­sion wres­tle with each other un­less we make cre­ative com­pro­mises. Self-ab­sorp­tion chal­lenges re­la­tion­ships un­til we open our hearts. Cos­tumes lib­er­ate our in­ner diva while main­tain­ing per­sonal pri­vacy, so go wild tonight.

Sun­day, Oct. 31:

Be pa­tient mak­ing a point, and lis­ten kindly. Con­fu­sion mid­day can snafu sched­ul­ing but adds glam­our to Hal­loween fes­tiv­i­ties as the moon op­poses Nep­tune — the veils are thin and imag­i­na­tion thick. Evening grows more se­ri­ous and mys­te­ri­ous as Mer­cury chal­lenges Pluto. It’s time to honor our an­ces­tors.

Mon­day, Nov. 1:

The mood is a lit­tle para­noid and ma­nip­u­la­tive. Be hon­est rather than of­fer some­thing that’s hard to fol­low up as Venus sex­tiles Pluto. In­ves­ti­gate care­fully any last-minute po­lit­i­cal rev­e­la­tions. Let car­ing show through prac­ti­cal moves.

Tues­day, Nov. 2:

Com­plex fil­a­ments of con­nec­tions, in­ner ten­sions, and con­flicts be­tween in­stinc­tive re­sponses and hon­or­able be­hav­ior make life com­pli­cated; find good ways to re­lieve stress. The stars speak of rev­er­sals of for­tune but whose for­tune is up to us, as the moon op­poses Uranus later in the day.

Wed­nes­day, Nov. 3:

It’s a melan­cholic morn­ing as the Li­bra moon squares Pluto, with more cop­ing en­ergy mid­day. Tonight, the soul needs to rest more than the body does. Ac­cep­tance, new re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, and new al­lies re­fo­cus our at­ten­tion as the moon con­juncts Saturn. We may have more sup­port and tools than we thought.

Thurs­day, Nov. 4:

Tech­ni­cal dif­fi­cul­ties shake up the sta­tus quo as the sun sesquisquares Uranus and Mer­cury trines Jupiter. Good news is likely as the moon trines Jupiter mid­day.

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