Pasatiempo - - Moving Images - (Jonathan Richards)

Like a cork in a choppy, pol­luted har­bor, Jo­lene ( Jes­sica Chas­tain) keeps get­ting sucked un­der and bob­bing up to the sur­face again, soiled but buoy­ant. Life deals her blows, but each time she takes the punch, ab­sorbs it, and shrugs it off with the same lop­sided grin of op­ti­mism on her pretty freck­led face. Di­rec­tor Dan Ire­land gives her the chance to shine and sur­rounds her with solid per­for­mances from a good cast. Jo­lene writer Den­nis Yares (son of Santa Fe gallery owner Riva Yares, who pro­duced) adapted his screen­play from an E.L. Doc­torow short story. Den­nis Yares at­tends the Fri­day, Oct. 29, screen­ing. Rated R. 118 min­utes. CCA Cine­math­eque, Santa Fe.

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