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Davis Guggen­heim gives the nation’s pub­lic-school sys­tem an F in his new doc­u­men­tary. The film mer­its an A for start­ing a di­a­logue, though whether it will have any im­pact be­yond that de­pends on how those with the power and in­sight to ef­fect change re­spond to it. When fo­cus­ing on the sto­ries of five chil­dren who are try­ing to es­cape the sys­tem, Guggen­heim scores in re­veal­ing the hu­man face be­hind the prob­lem. But he clut­ters the film with so many facts, fig­ures, and char­ac­ters that you’re left with a mul­li­gan stew of ed­u­ca­tional in­gre­di­ents that is hard to di­gest. Rated PG. 102 min­utes. Re­gal DeVargas, Santa Fe.

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