This week’s mood is hon­est,

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cu­ri­ous, and mo­ti­vated, with po­ten­tially shock­ing truths but gen­er­ally agree­able un­der­tones. We have work to do as Mars and Mer­cury con­junct in straight-shoot­ing Sagit­tar­ius and both sex­tile hard-work­ing Saturn.

The mood de­faults to pleas­ant ca­ma­raderie with Venus in so­cia­ble Li­bra and Mars con­junct Mer­cury in for­ward-think­ing Sagit­tar­ius; we tend to hang with peo­ple we agree with. Mars con­junct Mer­cury in Sagit­tar­ius of­fers an hon­esty that is per­fectly happy to get to the heart of things. While it is es­sen­tial to hold peo­ple ac­count­able to the truth, be­fore we speak let’s ask if our com­pul­sive hon­esty is use­ful or if we are just an­swer­ing an im­pulse to cause trou­ble.

Clear think­ing and easy un­der­tones make this a good week to straighten out mis­un­der­stand­ings and tech­ni­cal sna­fus and deal with le­gal or bureau­cratic tan­gles. We may need pa­tience — it can be great medicine to hike in the woods or feed an­i­mals in or­der to broaden our aware­ness.

His­tory talks to us as the week­end be­gins, but we can learn from the past with­out re­liv­ing it. To­ward the end of the week, the world speeds up; our clar­ity of fo­cus fuzzes out un­der an im­pa­tient Aries moon while the sun squares con­fus­ing Nep­tune. We need to slow down. If we co­op­er­ate with one an­other, we get a lot ac­com­plished this week. We can’t con­trol the kids or co-work­ers, but we can chal­lenge or in­spire them to achieve a com­mon goal.


un­der Fri­day, the Nov. Aquar­ius 12: Good moon col­lab­o­ra­tive if we can get de­ci­sions peo­ple to­gether. come to light Around this din­ner­time, morn­ing check oth­ers in may with want loved to de­bate, ones: some all could may be use tired the con­nec­tion. and need fa­mil­iar com­forts,

Satur­day, Nov. 13: The moon-Nep­tune con­junc­tion in Aquar­ius wants to know what ex­cites us, whether it’s a big vi­sion or a small dream. Weird feel­ings float through the morn­ing. Mid­day, we tend to work on skewed lines as the sun and moon square, but we share com­mon dreams tonight.

Sun­day, Nov. 14: Re­la­tion­ships need gen­tle care as the Pisces moon height­ens sen­si­tiv­i­ties just as the Mars-Mer­cury con­junc­tion com­pels us to tell tact­less truths. This com­bi­na­tion is a bless­ing for self-re­flec­tion and po­etry. Morn­ing is ten­der; mid­day sleepy but cre­ative. Dif­fer­ences are high­lighted later — cel­e­brate them.

Mon­day, Nov. 15: Pro­ceed with sen­si­tiv­ity. Dance with the day and watch block­ades melt as Mars sex­tiles Saturn and the sun trines Jupiter. Ac­tion fol­lows func­tion; gen­tle prac­ti­cal ef­forts are medicine for moody edges. Brain­storm cre­ative so­lu­tions later. Hu­mor­ous ac­cep­tance of our quirks breathes into emo­tional ten­der places tonight.

Tues­day, Nov. 16: If we fall off cen­ter it’s hard (but pos­si­ble) to get back on track; our woes whis­per from the soul-swamp. This is a wildly serendip­i­tous time if we stay cen­tered, ex­tend our­selves with con­sid­er­a­tion, and keep an eye out for op­por­tu­ni­ties.

Wed­nes­day, Nov. 17: The moon en­ters Aries and brings a new sense of ur­gency. Po­lite talk is an­noy­ing but nec­es­sary to smooth roads this morn­ing as Mer­cury semisquares Venus. If re­la­tion­ships feel bumpy, say less and hug more. At work, do not keep any­one wait­ing. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion im­proves as the day dark­ens and Mer­cury sex­tiles Saturn.

Thurs­day, Nov. 18: It’s a mag­i­cal, spon­ta­neous day with low im­pulse con­trol and con­fus­ing cir­cum­stances as the sun squares Nep­tune. Look for game-chang­ing un­known fac­tors hid­ing off­stage. If some­one looks like they want to bolt, give them a long leash — our in­ner wild an­i­mal needs room.

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