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In an­i­ma­tor Bill Plymp­ton’s sixth fea­ture, a bit­ter man with seem­ingly in­fi­nite vices is pre­sented with an un­wanted gift: two wings that sprout from his back and ap­pear to have a life of their own. As the man whiles away his mis­er­able life from the com­fort of a barstool, the peo­ple he den­i­grates daily and uses for his own en­joy­ment turn the ta­bles on him. Darkly drawn both vis­ually and nar­ra­tively, Id­iots and An­gels is a vis­ual feast that un­set­tles the soul with a spir­ited mix of the beau­ti­ful and the grotesque — and not a word of di­a­logue. Satur­day and Sun­day, Nov. 27 and 28, only. Not rated. 78 min­utes. CCA Cine­math­eque, Santa Fe. (Rob DeWalt)

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