Pasatiempo - - Mixed Media - Heather Roan-Rob­bins

Fri­day, Dec. 31: The morn­ing is deep and sweet as the moon con­juncts Venus in Scor­pio. Hid­den feel­ings sur­face, but those winds can change di­rec­tion. It’s an in­tro­verted af­ter­noon. En­thu­si­asm builds as the moon en­ters Sagit­tar­ius tonight; walk un­der the stars or dance the night away. Satur­day, Jan. 1: Get mov­ing; a grumpy early morn­ing can leave us ir­ri­ta­ble with other peo­ple’s timeta­bles. The af­ter­noon is low-key. Don’t push peo­ple about fu­ture plans. Be present and build con­nec­tions. Sun­day, Jan. 2: Dream to­gether. Pace ef­forts and choose what to take on the next leg of the jour­ney — it’s easy to leave ob­jects, peo­ple, and bad mem­o­ries be­hind as the sun semisquares Nep­tune. Travel safely and stay alert for chang­ing weather. Mon­day, Jan. 3: Some tough re­al­i­ties hit this af­ter­noon. We may feel a loss but need not feel lost; any move in the right di­rec­tion helps. Take stock of who is on the same team; per­sonal con­nec­tions will help work to­mor­row. Lis­ten to your dreams tonight. Tues­day, Jan. 4: Our feel­ings may be con­fused, but our prac­ti­cal side clears up as Venus squares Nep­tune just be­fore the new moon in Capri­corn. Moody de­pres­sion can bring up our con­trol is­sues. Prac­ti­cal changes are pos­si­ble this af­ter­noon. Thurs­day, Jan. 6: This is a po­lit­i­cal day; gather sup­port and share ideas. A cer­tain emo­tional de­tach­ment and ruth­less­ness sur­round friend­li­ness. On this eve of 2011, change rum­bles be­neath us, swelling up from ev­ery crack in the cul­ture and through ev­ery choice we make. We can re­sist and feel torn by its tremors or roll with the waves, set­ting our sails to­ward per­sonal and cul­tural evo­lu­tion.

As the year be­gins, the stars want us to be­come con­scious — to look for the hid­den rea­sons un­der­ly­ing our own ac­tions and those of our dear ones and the peo­ple mak­ing ma­jor po­lit­i­cal de­ci­sions.

We can’t pre­dict the di­rec­tion of the change with so many wild cards in play, but we can guide it. Each day, we need to hold on to our vi­sion for our­selves and our world. This slow cul­tural earth­quake be­gan in 2008 as struc­tural, solid Saturn op­posed change-mas­ter Uranus, deep­ened last year as Saturn squared trans­for­ma­tive Pluto, and intensifies now as Uranus squares Pluto through 2014.

Mer­cury turned di­rect on Dec. 30, so we be­gin the New Year able to look ahead. Next week, our plans pick up speed, but right now, let’s take a deep breath and walk into the New Year healthy, con­nected, and cen­tered. There’s no point in push­ing any agenda, though some peo­ple will try. Mars and the sun now in Capri­corn can loan us a man­age­rial, ma­nip­u­la­tive edge, which can be help­ful to make dreams come true but can also spill over into am­bi­tious ma­neu­ver­ing.

The week­end be­gins quiet and deep and then builds up sparkle for a high-en­ergy late night New Year’s Eve un­der an ac­tive, ec­static Sagit­tar­ius moon. Rest and re­cen­ter your­selves over an aim­less but in­spired week­end. Mon­day, get up to date and clear the decks for a busy week. Tues­day, step for­ward into to the New Year’s work. Launch the fu­ture now. Wed­nes­day, Jan. 5: De­ci­sions made yes­ter­day need re­fin­ing as Jupiter con­juncts Uranus. It’s a good day to buy high-tech gadgets or find in­ge­nious con­clu­sions by ex­per­i­ment­ing. Mod­ify and ad­just plans this af­ter­noon. The evening feels col­lab­o­ra­tive.


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