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Made in Da­gen­ham, his­tory-based equal-rights bat­tle, rated R, Re­gal DeVargas, 3 chiles Just be­cause a pic­ture fills the lin­ea­ments of a clas­sic pre­dictable feel-good movie, a David-turn­ing-the-ta­bles-on-Go­liath story line with a happy end­ing, it doesn’t mean it can’t be true. Or fact-based, as we like to say these days.

Once upon a time in a king­dom long, long ago and far, far away, which is to say swinging Eng­land in 1968, there was a Ford plant in Da­gen­ham, a sub­urb of London; and there women, stripped com­fort­ably down to their bras against the sweat­shop heat, stitched the up­hol­stery for the cars that rolled off an assem­bly line where they were as­sem­bled by men mak­ing a lot more money. When the women dis­cov­ered the dis­par­ity in wages — they were mak­ing about 15 per­cent less than men did for com­pa­ra­ble work — they went on strike. They did not get much sup­port from their union lead­ers, men who did not see why the ladies were get­ting their knick­ers in a twist over some­thing so ob­vi­ously in ac­cord with the laws of na­ture. But the women re­fused to be in­tim­i­dated, stood up for their rights, en­listed al­lies, slogged through some rough go­ing, and came out at the end with a deal that re­duced the pay dis­crep­ancy

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