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We see big strokes of the cul­tural brush change our land­scape in this de­ci­sive and some­times dif­fi­cult week. Sparks catch fire quickly in the pub­lic imag­i­na­tion as the sun flares and con­juncts Mars in Aquar­ius and both trine Saturn. Rev­o­lu­tions in the Mid­dle East, po­lit­i­cal de­ci­sions in the West, and cleanup af­ter storms of all types take our fo­cus.

Aquar­ius is far-sighted; we can see what needs do­ing more clearly in the big pic­ture than we can close to home. De­ci­sions are works in progress and not the fi­nal an­swers.

It’s an emo­tional week, but this won’t cause us prob­lems if we have a healthy place to put our en­ergy. It may be time to prune or put an end to a re­la­tion­ship or leader. In the process, we feel the pres­sure to give birth to new forms of power — we just need to stop ar­gu­ing and get to work.

Per­sonal de­ci­sions are less clear-cut — feel­ings can flare eas­ily and er­rat­i­cally as Venus semisquares Mars over the week­end. Let’s deal with what’s on the ta­ble and not look too far ahead. Re­la­tion­ships needed a new level of hon­esty as Venus walked through Sagit­tar­ius these last cou­ple of weeks and now need a new level of se­cu­rity as Venus walks into Capri­corn.

As the week­end be­gins, we need time for our will­ful in­ner muse. No­tice a ten­dency to feel vic­tim­ized, but don’t buy into it. The week ends on a more per­sonal, moody note as Venus con­juncts Pluto and asks us to sort out our true pri­or­i­ties. Life is chang­ing and can change for the bet­ter when we work with new forms com­ing into place.

Fri­day, Feb. 4: Stay in the moment on this emo­tion­ally volatile day. Early morn­ing is full of hope, but events can set off dy­namic re­ac­tions later. Re­assess the sit­u­a­tion, but know an­swers are tem­po­rary. Tonight, keep things low-key and let peo­ple wan­der men­tally.

Satur­day, Feb. 5: It’s a pos­i­tive morn­ing as Mer­cury sex­tiles Jupiter — a good time to sort through ob­jects and mem­o­ries. An old an­swer re­turns, bring­ing new wis­dom later as the sun trines Saturn.

Sun­day, Feb. 6: Our in­te­rior land­scapes shift as the moon con­juncts Uranus and en­ters Aries. Power and ex­pe­ri­ence work to­gether this af­ter­noon as Mars trines Saturn. Un­likely col­lab­o­ra­tions slow us down but deepen the work. Re­la­tion­ships can feel con­sum­ing. Art ex­pands our frame­work, and for­give­ness frees up the room to grow as Venus squares Jupiter tonight.

Mon­day, Feb. 7: We are will­ing to fight for a cause and may not know when to pull back. Firm­ness is more ef­fec­tive than drama, if less in­ter­est­ing. Risk tak­ing brings mixed suc­cess. If emo­tions roil, throw your­self into work that mat­ters.

Tues­day, Feb. 8: Ex­am­ine pre­con­cep­tions. We learn the hard way this morn­ing. The af­ter­noon is pro­duc­tive, if at­ti­tude-filled. Later, our sor­row or sense of mar­tyr­dom may get ac­ti­vated as Ch­i­ron en­ters Pisces. Choose heal­ing.

Wed­nes­day, Feb. 9: We need a moment of sta­bil­ity in a hec­tic week as the moon en­ters Tau­rus. No­tice af­fec­tion and co­op­er­a­tion mid­day — find some­thing to agree on, and build from there. There are in­tense emo­tional con­nec­tions later. Bond over a loss or a cause as Venus con­juncts Pluto.

Thurs­day, Feb. 10: Un­com­fort­able power dy­nam­ics ask us to stay strong as the sun chal­lenges Pluto. We are tempted to blame the wrong per­son for our trou­bles, but this dis­em­pow­ers us; look in­side for the an­swers.

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