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Valen­tine’s week al­ways tends to be emo­tion­ally volatile, and this one’s a doozy. It helps to re­mem­ber that Valen­tine’s Day is an Aquar­ian hol­i­day. Aquarius re­spects the so­cial col­lec­tive, like chil­dren giv­ing Valen­tines to ev­ery­one in the class. Aquarius fo­cuses on the ideal of love and love of the ideal.

Ideals to one per­son can look like il­lu­sions to an­other. It’s easy to get caught up in fan­tasies or dreams this week as the sun con­juncts Nep­tune. There’s only a hair’s-breadth be­tween delu­sion and vi­sion, and we need to be hon­est to see who and what is re­ally hap­pen­ing. While this can be a buz­zkill for ro­man­tic fan­tasy, it can also bring us into a deeper, safer, saner place. Through­out the week, we get an op­por­tu­nity to re­lease emo­tional pat­terns.

For sim­ple ro­mance, it’s best to cel­e­brate Valen­tine’s Day over the week­end un­der a so­cia­ble Gemini moon or wait un­til mid­week for an op­er­atic full moon in Leo to pro­vide ro­man­tic am­bi­ence. On Valen­tine’s Day we need com­fort, fa­mil­iar­ity, and to feel cared for as the moon en­ters Cancer. If we’re feel­ing lonely (in or out of a re­la­tion­ship), it helps to make a lov­ing ges­ture to the world.

The week­end is talk­a­tive, scat­tered, and a lit­tle anx­ious as Mer­cury semisquares Uranus while Mars semisquares Pluto. Early in the week, we may pull back and re­mem­ber com­mon sense as Mer­cury trines Saturn un­der a moody, pro­tec­tive Cancer moon.

To­ward the end of the week, a full moon in Leo can bring the de­noue­ment to some per­sonal script or so­ci­etal drama, though not the fi­nal act. Let’s just be sure we mean what we say and do.

this Fri­day, af­ter­noon, Feb. 11: but There will is it be stub­born a mono­logue con­fu­sion or di­a­logue? this morn­ing. Op­ti­mism We need in­jects to talk pos­si­bil­i­ties later. Tonight, con­ver­sa­tion is cu­ri­ous if high-strung.

Satur­day, Feb. 12: Plans change as Mer­cury chal­lenges Uranus and brings im­pa­tience and low-level anx­i­ety. Choose fights care­fully. Prac­ti­cal over­haul is use­ful mid­day; re­build or re­wire. The evening flows sweetly if we keep ex­pec­ta­tions down and hearts open.

Sun­day Feb. 13: Drop de­fenses when­ever pos­si­ble and take a prof­fered olive branch as the moon trines Mars, the sun, and Nep­tune this morn­ing. Sweet­ness and hope want to flour­ish, though the path has been hard.

Mon­day, Feb. 14: It feels good to fo­cus and bring thought to fruition. We’re volatile about per­sonal is­sues and de­fen­sive about ex­pec­ta­tions as a moody Cancer moon op­poses Pluto mid­day. The evening over­flows as the moon op­poses Venus. Think nur­tur­ing, com­fort food, and warmth.

Tues­day, Feb. 15: Med­i­ta­tive rou­tine helps if we’re de­pressed or un­cer­tain as the moon squares Saturn. We may need to process past dreams as Venus semisquares Nep­tune. It helps to share feel­ings. Con­fi­dence im­proves as we re­turn to the present tonight.

Wed­nes­day, Feb. 16: Reel in the melo­drama; avoid a ten­dency to over­s­peak or over­promise as Mer­cury semisquares Jupiter. Nerves and mixed mes­sages an­noy us this af­ter­noon as Mer­cury semisquares Pluto; ten­sions can make it hard to hear one an­other. Even if it is scary, drop the ego and be gen­er­ous but not en­abling.

Thurs­day, Feb. 17: Our aes­thet­ics, mo­ti­va­tion, and imag­i­na­tion are height­ened. In­tu­ition is strong, but bound­aries need sup­port. Tonight, un­der the full moon in exuberant Leo, the script of our lives may read a crescendo and turn direc­tion.

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