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Our pa­tience went out the win­dow a month ago as Jupiter en­tered Aries and now squares Pluto. We just don’t want to wait any longer, whether for our dreams or our pol­i­tics.

Rivers feel this rush of im­pa­tience as they melt, and dogs feel it while they pace about wait­ing for a walk. Couples feel im­pa­tient to make changes in their re­la­tion­ship and im­prove their sit­u­a­tion. We can cer­tainly feel this im­pa­tience in the world move­ment to­ward democ­racy. Ef­forts may seem to have set­backs right now as the mo­men­tum turns in­ward or hits an un­cer­tain glitch, but they will not stop.

We have a lot of per­sonal feel­ings to process this week but can find a new sense that the changes com­ing could ac­tu­ally be good ones as Venus sex­tiles Uranus and en­ters Aquarius. This as­pect brings a whiff of spring fever, a spark of in­ter­est in strangers and ad­ven­ture, and a new­found pride in our cho­sen tribes as we reeval­u­ate our so­cial con­text. But the archetype of the mar­tyr also gets ac­ti­vated this week. Some of­fer­ing of time, en­ergy, or life can unite peo­ple as Mars, now in vul­ner­a­ble Pisces, moves into a sex­tile with Pluto. We may also no­tice the urge to elim­i­nate or pu­rify and start a pre-spring clean­ing of the soul first and clos­ets later.

Fri­day, Feb. 25: Our psy­cho­log­i­cal is­sues are all over the place and re­veal how they af­fect our sense of the truth as Mer­cury and the sun sex­tile Pluto. Miss­ing items, peo­ple, and in­for­ma­tion work their way to the sur­face, so look again. Ma­jor power plays hit the big screen, but at home the ef­fects are more sub­tle and lib­er­at­ing. Tonight, we un­wind bet­ter af­ter some ex­cite­ment.

Satur­day, Feb. 26: This morn­ing, a spon­ta­neous mo­ment re­news the soul, but we can tense up if some­one has an agenda for us. This af­ter­noon, we grow more goal-ori­ented and will­ing to work as the moon en­ters Capricorn. De­ter­mi­na­tion builds. A se­ri­ous­ness or for­mal­ity may come at night­time. De­pres­sion whispers if we feel aim­less or over­bur­dened; con­fi­dence grows with se­cu­rity.

Sun­day, Feb. 27: We may feel a whiff of sad­ness and nos­tal­gia for some miss­ing mo­ment. This ache can help us move past the ma­te­rial and reach with our soul for some­thing less tran­sient as the moon con­juncts Pluto. We want help with­out be­ing trapped or con­trolled.

Mon­day, Feb. 28: Com­pli­ment oth­ers’ com­pe­tence so it can grow. Evening be­comes so­cia­ble as the moon con­juncts Venus; it helps to get out of our­selves and pay at­ten­tion to some­body else.

Tues­day, March 1: We want to do things dif­fer­ently and par­tic­u­larly may need to change how we re­late to our so­cial con­text as the moon and Venus sex­tile Uranus. There are ex­cit­ing, af­fec­tion­ate in­ter­ac­tions, but don’t take it per­son­ally if beloveds are more fo­cused on their so­cial cir­cle than they are on home.

Wed­nes­day, March 2: Wade through lo­gis­tics and see them as a ve­hi­cle for work as Mer­cury quin­cunxes Saturn. Don’t pro­cras­ti­nate. Work flows bet­ter early in the day; the mood gets more cranky and dis­con­nected later on.

Thurs­day, March 3: It all gets squishy to­day as the moon con­juncts Nep­tune and en­ters Pisces. Some emo­tional re­spon­si­bil­ity can trig­ger com­pas­sion, ac­tion, or re­sent­ment, de­pend­ing on our po­si­tion. We need to care for those in need and hon­estly ask for help. Don’t be tempted to play the vic­tim un­less there is a rea­son. Find a more em­pow­ered po­si­tion to ne­go­ti­ate.

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