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Fri­day, April 8: Talk it out while the words flow, but con­firm all facts, be­cause the truth is eas­ily stretched. Leaks abound. If the en­ergy feels scat­tered and nervy, let the mind be­come a calm ves­sel. The evening ef­fer­vesces with the right com­bi­na­tion of peo­ple as the moon sex­tiles the sun and Mer­cury. Satur­day, April 9: A ma­jor plan is put on hold and power dy­nam­ics don’t work the way we ex­pect as Pluto ret­ro­grades. But we can speak our peace. Wa­ter af­fects us; oceans and rivers rip­ple with strength. Melan­cholic wist­ful­ness can in­spire work this af­ter­noon as the moon en­ters Cancer. It’s a sweet, cranky evening. Don’t push any­one to do any­thing, no mat­ter how much fun it sounds like. Sun­day, April 10: Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is tricky all day. Opin­ions mask pri­mal in­se­cu­ri­ties. We can chan­nel these feel­ings into work but need to do so on our own terms. Mon­day, April 11: Sched­ul­ing slides off track. Ar­gu­ments are the re­sult of tan­gled en­ergy rather than true dif­fer­ences of opin­ion, so walk away and try again later. Tues­day, April 12: Un­der­neath the blus­ter are more for­give­ness and a more gen­er­ous heart than we’ve had for a few days. Don’t get all op­er­atic about prob­lems; so­lu­tions will be well re­ceived. Courage, even the fool­ish kind, is plen­ti­ful later; re­spect the heart in­volved.

We need less cof­fee and more hu­mor to deal with a week full of con­tra­dic­tions. The mood is en­er­gized with lazy spells and pos­i­tive with an eas­ily in­flamed twitch that can ex­ac­er­bate al­ler­gies and tem­pers, thanks to the sun, Mer­cury, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus all in hon­est and abrupt Aries. The fu­ture is in a state of me­ta­mor­pho­sis. We’re in this to­gether, so the more self-re­spon­si­ble we are, with­out be­ing self-cen­tered, the eas­ier the week will be.

Our willpower, or “won’t power,” grows mus­cles as will­ful Mars forms a brave and com­pe­tent, if dif­fi­cult, square to em­pow­ered Pluto early next week. We can tap into this as­pect’s po­ten­tial when we get ex­cited about any­thing that de­mands our verve. This flare can in­cin­er­ate ob­sta­cles or the op­po­si­tion as it pours fuel on any fire. We get par­tic­u­larly an­gry if we feel trapped or no­tice the mis­use of power in any form. We’ll feel bet­ter when we have ev­i­dence that we have free will and the strength to change the sit­u­a­tion.

Pluto works be­hind the scenes, un­der the ground, or be­neath the waves; look for cracks in the foun­da­tion. Even our dreams may get strange and kick up adren­a­line. We have less pa­tience than usual but may run into more glitches to try our pa­tience as Mer­cury ret­ro­grades, and this is where hu­mor comes in handy. Al­though some prob­lem will tear at our hearts, who needs a sit-com when a trip to the store can pro­vide great slap­stick? De­lays and con­fus­ing sig­nals pile up, so con­firm sched­ules.

Ret­ro­grade Mer­cury can throw off elec­tri­cal sig­nals. Me­chan­i­cal gear can show un­ex­pected signs of wear and tear — and so can our nerves. But we have the en­ergy re­serves and en­trepreneur­ship to thrive if we be­come in­spired. Wed­nes­day, April 13: The mood is ex­tro­verted. Con­firm in­for­ma­tion and weed out self-ag­gran­diz­ing fic­tion. Ask ques­tions. Thurs­day, April 14: We feel fuzzy early on and then sharp-edged and efficient. Keep it kind. Take care of old prob­lems and then re­fo­cus. Later, an in­ge­nious if not cre­ative mood is good for cor­rect­ing any fac­tual mis­takes.


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