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This week brings an ur­gency — as if one must do some­thing right now but with­out clar­ity about what to do — as Mer­cury ret­ro­grades to con­junct with Mars and they both square Pluto.

We may need to chew on an idea or ef­fort that arose in mid-Fe­bru­ary as Mars and Mer­cury con­juncted, even though it may be meet­ing with frus­tra­tion and dis­trac­tion now as Mer­cury ap­pears to back up and con­juncts Mars again; the is­sue be­gins to clar­ify af­ter April 23, when Mer­cury tags Mars again on the way for­ward. Work it now, but be pa­tient for the out­come.

This week is gen­er­ally cheer­ful and en­er­gized if some­thing catches our in­ter­ests, but it moves quickly, with spikes of tem­per if we’re trig­gered. We may want free­dom from any im­posed sched­ule and to leave or­di­nary work be­hind as it gets slow. Serendip­ity hap­pens, and long-over­due plans bear fruit, but many or­di­nary things don’t go as planned as Mars op­poses Saturn.

Over the week­end, a so­cia­ble full moon in Libra en­cour­ages kick­ing back, en­joy­ing peo­ple, and do­ing what needs to be done but no more. Self-con­trol may feel tested, but it’s ac­tu­ally be­ing ex­er­cised. Life seems like a bal­anc­ing act be­tween needs and wants or be­tween op­po­site ways of think­ing. Most would rather not ar­gue and will love friends who care about us even when we’re cranky.

Early next week, im­pa­tience grows. We may need to speak up, but stay clean and di­rected, un­charged but hon­est. To­ward week’s end the mood sim­mers as the sun en­ters earthy Tau­rus and plant­ing sea­son be­gins. As Venus en­ters proac­tive Aries, some emo­tional morass no longer holds us back. We need to wait un­til next week to push for­ward but can en­joy the view of a clear­ing road.

Fri­day, April 15: Get com­plaints in the open so heal­ing can be­gin. Fuzzy mid­day ad­just­ments are great when done from the heart but make things worse if done anx­iously. Last-minute agree­ments are pos­si­ble if we aren’t too crit­i­cal. Evening con­ver­sa­tion is great, though work buzzes the mind.

Satur­day, April 16: It’s a sweet, friendly, im­pa­tient morn­ing; who we’re with is more im­por­tant than what we do. This af­ter­noon, moods roll through. We long for un­der­stand­ing as the moon squares Pluto. Think deep and ac­tive, not mor­bid and ir­ri­ta­ble. Con­nec­tion is pos­si­ble.

Sun­day, April 17: We may feel rushed or con­flicted. Mid­day, con­nec­tions are ev­ery­thing; drop the mind and open the heart. A full Libra moon is worth a howl as it spot­lights ef­forts to bal­ance our needs with oth­ers’. Love makes the dif­fer­ence.

Mon­day: April 18: We be­come com­bustible ma­te­rial with a Scorpio moon. Minds are sharp if af­fected by strong emo­tions. If we choose con­sciously, we can do any­thing. We get snarly if in­ter­rupted or block­aded as Mars op­poses Saturn. Deal with real prob­lems.

Tues­day, April 19: Weed or prune dead­wood, but be spe­cific; cut off only what must go and re­leases eas­ily. Be safe with sharp ob­jects, and watch the head around corners and over­hangs. As­sertive, prac­ti­cal so­lu­tions abound, but mis­takes are pos­si­ble. A de­ci­sive, rapid-paced, rough-tex­tured day soft­ens to com­pas­sion tonight.

Wed­nes­day, April 20: The mood loosens and un­winds. Ten­sion breaks as the sun en­ters Tau­rus and sex­tiles Nep­tune, nur­tur­ing sen­si­tive im­pres­sions and ac­cu­rate creativ­ity. Ap­pre­ci­a­tion can over­flow as burrs leave our soul.

Thurs­day, April 21: Tran­si­tions be­gin. Mer­cury slows down, so de­lays pile up; they’re tem­po­rary, so we can reach op­ti­mistic pa­tience. Pay at­ten­tion to ac­ci­den­tal con­ver­sa­tions that may prove fer­tile or heal­ing. Ca­sual self­pro­mo­tion works; be sure what is said is what is meant.

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