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We may be won­der­ing what is tak­ing so long these days; we of­ten feel one step be­hind. But the en­ergy be­gins to un­block like a dam break­ing open over the week­end as Mer­cury leaves its ret­ro­grade cy­cle and turns di­rect.

With Mer­cury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus all in brash and di­rect Aries this week, we’re in a hurry. Our moods are like spring weather — usu­ally lovely, filled with bird­song and po­ten­tial, but with a few sullen brood­ing mo­ments and an oc­ca­sional storm. Fires and tem­per tantrums are likely to catch fast and flare quickly once be­gun, so play it safe around com­bustible ma­te­rial or peo­ple. As the week­end be­gins, we may pro­ject hopes and fears upon one an­other just when we all could use some ex­tra at­ten­tion as Venus con­juncts Uranus.

Avoid snap de­ci­sions about re­la­tion­ships. En­joy the spark, but stay in the present and look for more in­for­ma­tion. Jump into a cre­ative de­ci­sion; try on bold new col­ors, re-en­vi­sion the gar­den, and get out the art sup­plies. Be pa­tient if it takes a while to get the vi­sion right.

Spend the early part of the week straight­en­ing things out. Check for any re­cent changes in the land­scape, re­view any con­tracts or un­der­stand­ings, and check the work­man­ship to make sure ev­ery­thing is built on a sound ba­sis. Fol­low up re­cent in­ter­views or ap­pli­ca­tions with phone calls and make sure ev­ery­thing got where it needed to go. Get ev­ery­one on the same page.

Over the next week, it is help­ful to talk over ten­sions, but know that some of the re­cent is­sues are just flare-ups of older prob­lems. We don’t need to un­der­stand so much to re­pair the dam­age — let it go and see that new and health­ier ap­proaches are put into place.

Fri­day, April 22: Ideas buzz; take notes and move on them next week. Work steadily and bring to con­clu­sion projects al­ready in mo­tion. Watch for power trips and hold ground with­out es­ca­lat­ing sit­u­a­tions. Peo­ple are not cud­dly, though they can be pas­sion­ate (and pas­sion­ately opin­ion­ated). Tonight Venus con­juncts Uranus. Feel the wild note in the wind, open the heart, and share.

Satur­day, April 23: Things may seem to get worse be­fore they get bet­ter. Straighten out prob­lems, mis­un­der­stand­ings, and flower beds as Mer­cury turns di­rect. Watch for ac­ci­dents this af­ter­noon. Tonight, cross-cur­rents can slow us down un­til we learn to work with the new flow.

Sun­day, April 24: Find new com­mu­nity as the moon en­ters Aquarius. En­joy ca­ma­raderie on this friendly but thor­oughly stub­born day. Tonight brings a nos­tal­gic mo­ment; send love to those far away.

Mon­day, April 25: Get back on track, as­sess the sit­u­a­tion, meet with the team, and lis­ten for the new as­sign­ment. This af­ter­noon, put the pieces to­gether and make an over­ture as the Aquarius moon trines Saturn and sex­tiles Mer­cury. Peo­ple are open to prac­ti­cal in­no­va­tion but not chal­lenges to their philoso­phies.

Wed­nes­day, April 27: There are winds with a po­ten­tial sweet­ness un­der­neath. We’re will­ing to risk loss, but don’t take un­nec­es­sary risks as the moon en­ters Pisces. No­tice com­pet­i­tive un­der­tones dis­solve with real se­cu­rity.

Wed­nes­day, April 27: Let the feel­ings flow on this emo­tion­ally roil­ing day. Honor bit­ter­sweet mem­o­ries. Re­mem­ber, we are suf­fi­cient to the task at hand. Don’t waste time in a power strug­gle; set the agenda in­stead. Re­spond to a call for com­pas­sion as Venus squares Pluto.

Thurs­day, April 28: We must find our own inspiration. De­ci­sive ac­tion may be needed, but take that ex­tra mo­ment to think through the con­se­quences. Find a so­lu­tion that feels like an open road rather than a dead end and get on with it as the moon en­ters Aries and con­juncts Uranus.

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